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To our special baby...

Letters and Thoughts written to our baby...

Marcia's thoughts to Stephanie on October 29, 00: One of the ways to begin healing is to write to our baby about our thoughts and love for him/her. I think this helps because we have a need to be close to our child and through our writings we can share many thoughts that we have stored up inside.

As we grieve we need to get these thoughts "outside" of our hearts and souls so they don't keep rambling around inside in a crazy path. Putting them down allows us to see them "in print" and, hopefully, "own them".

Then we can begin to regain some control of our many criss-crossing thoughts! Loss of control is one of the secondary losses we have - gradually regaining that control is one part of healing.

To Christian Lee, Our Little Angel

Mommy just wanted to write you a letter
to tell you how special you are to your family.
We will love you always,

Mommy, Daddy, and Elizabeth
December 4, 1998

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We have included our story; now we would like to include a special letter to our baby.

To Christian Lee, Our Little Angel

Dearest Christian Lee,

Mommy just wanted to write you a letter to tell you how special you are to your family. Daddy and I began planning you years before you were born.

Daddy wanted you to be a son very much. Of course, we thought it would be wonderful if you were a little girl, too. Your big sister, Elizabeth, wanted a baby sister so very much. In the end, it really didnít matter to Mommy as long as you were a beautiful, healthy, happy baby.

If you were a little boy, you would have been named after your Daddy, Bradley. If you had been a little girl, Mommy had decided that youíre name would be Lindsey. Instead, we chose another special name for you, Christian Lee.

It is also somewhat of a family name. Daddy chose the name Chris first; you have an Aunt Christy, your dad's older sister. Then, we decided to make it Christian. Also, our Aunt Janet and cousin Colton share the middle name Lee, and their birthdays are also in November, the month you were lost. Therefore, even though, we will never know if you are a boy or girl, you still had a carefully chosen name that seemed perfect for you.

Your big sister, Elizabeth, wanted you so very much. She asked us to have her a baby. She is a very loving little girl, full of life, humor, and personality. She is, also, a born leader, and together, she would have no doubt led you both into a lot of mischief. She will make a wonderful big sister.

Elizabeth and I planted a garden the summer before you were conceived. When I found out I was expecting you, I explained to her that you were like a little plant growing inside Mommyís belly, just like the flowers were grew in our garden, and when you grew big enough, the doctor would take you out. She was very excited, and told everyone that a baby was growing in her mommyís belly.

She would often run up to me and grab me around the stomach and squeeze really hard. She said she was giving her baby a big hug. Sometimes, she would even pull my shirt up and kiss you through my belly. One time, she really surprised me by pouring a glass of water on my stomach. When I asked her what she was doing, she explained that she was giving her baby a drink.

As soon as we found out about you, Elizabeth said she wanted to go shopping for you, and even though sheís only two years old, she has pretty good taste! She picked out precious little sleepers, t-shirts, bibs, and special toy, a Mickey Mouse that played music. She was very specific about it, too. She picked up many packages until she found the right color and design to make her happy. She also put away some of her used clothes and toys away to save for you.

In fact, one day, she even offered to save half of a peanut butter sandwich for you! You would have loved her very much. You two would have been so close, and even though, you didnít make it, I know she already loved you very much, as much as any big sister could ever love a baby!

When we found out we were losing you, Elizabeth and I said a special prayer to Jesus every night that he would take care of you, and not take you away from us.

I donít understand why God chose to take you away physically, but I do know that he can never take you away from our hearts. Wherever you are, I know you are being well taken care of, and you must know that Mommy, Daddy, and Elizabeth love you very much. We will never forget you, our little angel.

We will love you always,
Mommy, Daddy, and Elizabeth
December 4, 1998

For more of Becky's thoughts visit: "Christian in 1998," "To Christian Lee, Our Little Angel"(12/12/98); "I just received good news this week." (Future Pregnancy Issues... 1/30/99); Lindsey Arrives 9/17/99!

"Christian in 1998" by Becky (11/30/98) and updates 2/15/02

Christian Lee
Hopkinsville, KY

Marcia's thoughts: I am touched by the thoughts and memories you have of being pregnant. Under our page "Miscarriage, Why Grieve" and "Why Grieve" are similar thoughts...we know our babies long before we hold them in our arms. We prepare for them and begin to make them a part of our family so early. Therefore, we have many "secondary losses" when they die.

Your letter helps parents realize that it is normal to form a bond with our baby during our pregnancy...and that we grieve because we have lost a part of us and a special little one we loved.

Please give Elizabeth a hug for us. She IS a wonderful big sister and her tenderness and love of life will be shared with many. My oldest son held his brother, Seth, and loved him and missed him when he died at three days...and when Aaron arrived on the scene 2 years later, that love was still there. They have been friends and great brothers all these years... Both boys have been described as very loving and caring with those around them. A gift, in my mind from their angel brother and sisters... God does provide, in time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My heart and soul Brock Skylar. Feb 5 1999

Oh why did it have to be,
I so much wanted to hold you close to me.
We tried for you for two years,
And when we found out I was pregnant with you,
oh how we cheered.

I cried when the Doctor told me that I was 8 1/2 week s along,
And all I could hear was the "Rock a by baby" song.
You gave me so much hope in this life that I live,
Because now I could show all the love I had to give.
When you left my body it took my soul,
Now when I think of you, there is a big hole.
I'll never know the color of your eyes or your hair,
I can't even imagine your little face, these times I can't bear.

I cry for you each day deep inside,
But don't you ever forget you're never out of my mind.
I pray for you each morning when I see the sun rise,
Because I know that my baby is up in the heavenly sky.
Mommy and Daddy love you,and when we see you we'll hold you tight,
But until then my baby God bless you and good night.

We love and miss you Brock Skylar Moss

Love Mommy(Shari)& Daddy(Ron)Moss

Brock Skylar Moss
Feb 5,99
Lenoir, NC

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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"We love you Lil' Bear"

We are your mommy and daddy...How do we know?
We have never held you. We will never see you grow.
It is you that we look for when we close our weary eyes.
And, for you, our loving whispers, in the morning when we rise.
We are your mommy and you know why?
Because, it is for you that we smile and for you that we cry.
Our arms are always reaching even though you aren't there.
We love you, our little angel, our sweet, darling Lil' Bear.
We are your mommy and daddy...when we see you again,how will you know?
It is so simple our sweetheart and we will tell you so.
You are forever with us, be it in Heaven or by our side.
We are your mommy and daddy...for, our hearts have never lied.

"We love you Lil' Bear" - Mommy and Daddy

Also big brother and sisters - Garrett, Taylor and Dylann

Rob and Ashlee
Lil' Bear
2/99 Miscarriage

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My Angel at Peace

Dearest Noah,

It was such a suprise to find out that in nine months I was going to have a child. I cried out of fear and happiness. I still cherish those early months when I really had you all to myself--no one could tell I was pregnant yet.

But the hardest part about losing you was that we were on vacation at the time. So far away from our home in Wisconsin. I had to get on a plane less than 24 hours later and leave you behind.

I'll never be able to forget that feeling. I let you down in my heart. I couldn't keep you safe. I had nightmares about a little boy calling for his mommy because he was scared to be alone. I still have those dreams sometimes.

We named you Noah because it means peace. You are truly at peace. God holds your hand every day until Mommy and Daddy can get there to take his place.

Eleven months later we have a little sister for you. Her name is Halie. Someday she'll know all about the big brother angel she has watching over her.

I love you Noah.

Forever and Always.

Love, Mommy

Miami Beach, FL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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You were the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I will never forget your blonde eyelashes, tiny lips, perfect little hands, and big feet. I wish that I could feel you in my arms just one more time. I wish I could feel you kicking inside me again.

Today I saw some balloons float away into the sky and I imagined you catching them up in Heaven. We love you so much, Angel, and we will see you again some day.

All of my love,

Sarah Danielle Black
Died soon after birth
Cartersville, GA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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In Loving Memory of Hannah Michelle Burgess

Sweet little one I weep for you,
Infant babe that I never knew.

God formed you in a secret place.
Where only He could see your face.

I never heard you laugh or cry.
Saw you walk, or wave goodbye.

Never got to calm your fears,
Kiss your hurts, or wipe your tears.

Never laid you down in bed,
Or felt the softness of your head.

The pain I feel is hard to bear,
Because these things are so unfair.

Little angel that I never knew,
Will I ever stop mourning for you?

I know you're in a better place,
And someday I'll see your face.

You're whole and perfect where you are,
Without a blemish or a scar.

In that place so far away
Where tiny babies grow and play.

Right there at the Father's throne,
Always happy, never alone.

Someday when the time is right,
I'll join you there and hold you tight.

I'll pick you out of all the others,
'Cause that's the way it is with Mothers.

My little child that I never knew,
I need you to know how I wanted you.

Hannah Michelle Burgess
Second trimester loss
Covington, Georgia


"Sarah Alma Elizabeth Burgess-new arrivals (6/6/01)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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All I Have

All I have is a seven inch scar, where I carried you. I held you there for 278 days. Closer to me than any other living person can ever be.

Yet I don't have you. I don't have any memory of your first hours in this world. I wanted the memory of your first seconds, yet I have none. I wanted to see the look on your Daddy's face the first moment he saw you. I know he was proud and full of love, but the moment was sad. And I wasn't there because I was asleep.

All I have is a few scraps of cloth, that you were dressed and wrapped up in. They hold your smell, that sweet innocent smell that only a baby wears. I take them out and hold them close to remember you. Yet I don't have you.

My heart and my arms feel so empty they ache. I held you in my arms but once, for all too short a time. But I'll hold you in my heart for a lifetime. I only gave you one small kiss, one of the millions I wish I could give. I never got to spend a night alone with you, rocking you as you slept. Do you know how it feels to want me as much as I want you? I know it's selfish, but I hope you do.

All I have are pictures of your beautiful, peaceful face. I want so much to hear you cry. One cry, one sign that you need me, but instead I'm the one to cry. I cry because I need you and you don't need me.

I thought at first that it was for the best that you were taken at birth. But now I wish I'd have had one year, one month, one day, even an hour or minute with you. The hurt could not be any greater to have had time to love you then not to know you at all.

All I have is my love. I only hope that with each tear that falls that the angel who cares for you now gives you one kiss. Because in every tear I cry is one kiss that I wish to give to you.

All I have is hope that you'll be happy there, until we meet some day. In Heaven, where we can be together for all eternity.

To My Dearest Doran



""Doran's Story" and a note, by Michelle (4/7/99 & 4/9/99), and ""Keepsake Album...Doran" for Doran's picture and footprints

Michelle and Bill
Eau Claire, WI
Abruptio Placenta

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Our baby boy Sean, you were to be our first born, but God had other plans for you. In heaven is where you belonged. Our hearts broke the day you left us, and why we never were to know.

But in heaven you are today, looking down upon us. We see you in every star and in every moon, in every raindrop and every ray of sunlight. You come to us in our dreams and we see that you are happy.

Our beautiful baby boy, we never heard your cry or saw your smile, or even knew the color of your eyes. We feel you with us and know that you are your baby sister's guardian angel.

Sean Matthew Barstad
Taunton, Ma
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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A Baby Dedication at Church

Dear Marcia: The main reason that I am writing back is that we are getting ready to have a baby dedication at our church on Mother's Day. This would have been the service that our son Aaron would have been included in if he were still with us. Being sensitive to this our pastor and his wife talked with us at length about what we would feel most comfortable doing. They said many in our church approached them to make sure that our family was not forgotten.

After talking we agreed to mention that he would have been dedicated and to spend a few minutes remembering him and our family.

They asked me to search for a poem that could be included in the service. After looking for a while I could not find anything that fit exactly for a baby dedication so I wrote one. It made me feel good to write my thoughts out and get them on paper.

I've shown it to a few close friends as well as to my pastor and his wife. We are going to use it in the service but they have urged me to share it with others.

So I am sending it to you so that you can read it and decide if it would be helpful to others. I would be honored if you would include it on the website or in your newsletter.

I am very eager to use my loss to try to help others so that good can come from the pain. I've also learned that the more I help others the better I heal.

Thanks again for all you do and may God bless you as you continue to help others. Sincerely, Wendy

PS - Since no one in our church knows that I'm pregnant again yet - we're also going to use this service to share with everyone that we are expecting again! This should be a bittersweet Mother's day but definitely one that I'll remember always.

Dear Aaron -

Your absence will be noticed more than usual today,
As you would have been a part of this dedication day.

This thought first brings me sorrow and perhaps a tear or two
Then His peace slips in and gently falls on me anew.

We miss you but we rest assured, you're in a better place
You have a perfect body and you gaze on Jesus' face.

You left us very quietly and slipped up into Heaven
I wish we could have seen and heard the welcome you were given.

The golden streets, the gates of pearl and angels all around
No pain, fear, or suffering, - not a single tear is found.

I picture you at Jesus' feet as He tells the old, old story
In Heaven's majestic beauty, surrounded by God's glory.

And as I dwell on these thoughts I know deep in my mind
That you've had your dedication and it was the Heavenly kind.

You're always in God's presence - for now and eternity
Where we'll one day be reunited - one big happy family.

So as we honor you today and think of you above
Please know we long to meet you - until then we send our love.

We love and miss you Aaron - Mommy, Daddy, Heather and Brian

By - Wendy Miller
In Memory of Aaron David Miller
Stillborn at full term on July 27, 1998
Placental Abruption

"..I had placental pregnant again...suggestions please!!!" by Wendy (4/29/99)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My Sweet Little Angel Baby,

I love and miss you so very much, not a second goes by that you are out of my heart and mind. I know now you are with God and are safe and will never feel the evil that this world can bring on, what more could a parent want? But, however, I am a mere greedy mortal and wish more than anything you could be here with me, in my womb, feeling my neverending love for you all around you until the day you were to greet me with your beautiful face, then you could feel the neverending love I have for you within you.

I know you know how I love you and I know you love me, too. The last day I saw you you showed me how you loved me by waving at me through that little screen and saying in no uncertain terms 'Mommy, I have to leave you now, but I will forever be with you, don't worry we both will be okay. I love you.'

It was less than 4 weeks ago that you were taken from my loving womb, but you will never be taken from my heart.

Though you were only with me for a short 10 1/2 weeks, from you I learned more than I have learned in my 21 years. You taught me the true meaning of love and life and that nothing material really matters at all. You also showed me how short life is and how quickly it can be taken away, since the day I lost you I have become a better person, appreciating what life truly has to offer not in forms of materialistic objects, but in forms of things that can not be held or touched.

In the laugh and smile and face of every baby I see, I realize that your laugh and smile and face were too special for this world. Some day I will be rewarded and will be with you forever to hear you laugh and see you smile and look into your face and hold you not for just a while, but forever, and that is how long I will hold you in my heart.

I will always remember how I loved feeling you move and reading to you, and will always be there with you just as you are with me. Never will I forget you and the joy you brought to my life and always will.

I will tell your future brothers and sisters about you, so they, too, can love you like Mommy, Grammy, Grampy, and your endless slew of aunts, uncles and cousins do.

Just always remember Mommy loves you more than anything she ever possibly could, my sweet Angel baby, I love you.


Angel Cote
May 10th, 1999
Baltimore, MD
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Mommy will always love you, I wanted you so much just remember that. I'm so very sad that I will never get to see your smile or hear your laugh. But in my heart I will always hear and see your face in my own way.

July 7th was a dreadful day for Mommy, Daddy, and Trent. We all love you, but remember this, see you may be gone but your not forgotten. I have you carved in the palm of my hand. No one will ever know the loss I feel.

But just remember you are safe and in a very beautful place. You're my guardian angel, so please don't be scared, your loved, never forget. We will all be there with you some day. Until then again I love you always.

Love, Mommy

Baby Estep
Moundsville, WV

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Our precious angel

My sweet baby Kirstie,

I have so many things I want to say and so many things I wanted to do with you. It's Mommy and Daddy who hurts right now because we miss you so very much. I know you're in the most perfect place but I just wanted you to be here with us. It's so hard to understand but god knows what he's doing and one day, I will too.

Baby I we all love you so very much. Mommy is going to miss so many things like brushing you're hair, playing games, hearing you laugh, cry and get mad. I wonder what you're voice sounds like,what color you're eyes are,you're favorite color, favorite outfit or how you're kisses feel on mommy's lips.

Mommy and Daddy will see you soon and we will never be apart again. Until then you and all these thoughts are right here in our hearts.

Mommy and Daddy

Kirstie Brookes
Died soon after birth
Ft. Worth, Tx

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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A Mother's Goodbye

I named you after an angel, son,
Because that is what I see.
When I look into your face my son
You are beautiful to me.

They wouldn't let me touch you, son
Until your last few hours
And through your face I saw shining,
God and all his powers.

I love you with all my heart, son,
And I've done the hardest thing.
I'll ever have to do, my son,
But I hope your heart will sing.

I'm releasing you from earth son,
From the pain that awaits you here.
I'm giving you pure to God my son,
But the pain will kill me, I fear.

I'll never have to ground you, son.
Or wash your dirty clothes.
But I won't be able to hug you, son,
Or watch you in your repose.

So goodbye, my son, I love you.
I can't think of things to say,
Except that I won't forget you, son
Until on my death bed I lay.

Written by my cousin especially for my son and I,
and read at his funeral.

Gabriel Michael Hancock
Sept 27-30 1999
Died soon after birth
Portland, OR

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I just read my story in the section on babys dying of heart defects- how far I have come in the last 6 months. I found one of the best things I did was write a letter to my son- I can't believe how much this helped and I would really like to add it to the "letters to our babies' section- thanks for the support.

My darling Adam,

You were as good as it gets!

I have never felt love before like I did when I first laid eyes on you. You were pulled out of mummy's tummy kicking and screaming and as I heard the doctor say "you have a perfect baby boy", I said a quiet thank you to God that you were safe.

I knew it had been a difficult journey for me as I had been so sick for so long, but the thought of you kept me going.

Little did I know what was in store for you, my darling boy. In the next few hours, your world was turned upside down. Instead of being surrounded by the sound of laughter and joy, the perfume of flowers and the softness and warmth of my breast you heard the sound of helicopter blades, voices other than my own, and machines that kept you alive.

For 5 long days I sat by your side petrified that you would leave us, but your dad helped me hang on through the long days and nights, waiting for you to "turn the corner".

He had such confidence that you would be alright, that I was too scared to say what I was thinking- I felt you were not going to be with us for long, despite what I was being told by everyone.

When my worst fears were finally confirmed with the doctors words after your heart scan, "it's as bad as it gets", you helped me find a strength I didn't know I was capable of.

My mother's protective instinct kicked in and I knew I had to be there for you in every way- there was no time to think of myself, just decisions that had to be made to make your short life as beautiful as it could be- this was a time to shower you with love that would last a lifetime-the last 24 hours of your life were the most cherished of my life.

I would have given my life for you in an instant but there was nothing to be done but tell you how much I loved you and to say goodbye.

My love for you surpassed any emotion I had ever felt- when you were born you gave me the chance to experience the highest high imaginable. When you were placed in my arms my heart melted - I had finally come home-I physically ache every minute for that feeling again.

Amidst the anguish and desperation came peace every time I held you or touched you- you were a miracle who was here for such a short time but changed me forever. You made me a mother and for that I say thank you.

I now know what it's like to experience the most pure love. In my mind I see your little face and when that frown would appear all I had to do was croon softly to you and stroke your beautiful forehead and you would relax and appear content- what a feeling! The rest of the world didn't exist- it was just you and me and I will remember those moments for the both of us.

You had perfect little fingers that would grasp mine and hang on until you fell asleep. You had a beautiful sleep in my arms before you died, my boy. I sat as still as I could be and watched you sleep- you were the most precious thing I had ever laid eyes on and it was hard to believe you came from me.

While you were sleeping I dreamt that you and I would do this many times in our lives, but now I am left only with the memory that I must keep fresh in my mind so I can retrieve it and play it over and over again.

For 6 long days I mentally willed you to give me the chance to look into your eyes. I had given up hope and thought it was another blank I would have to fill in after you left, but as you took your last breath you opened your eyes for the first and last time and looked straight into my very soul.

This pain is as deep as it gets -it hurts because I was given a taste of you and then you had to leave.

I felt helpless- a mother is supposed to be able to fix their child when they are hurt- I just couldn't pick you up and kiss it better. As your mother, I'm supposed to be sitting quietly by your crib, watching you sleep and smelling your sweet baby breath - but I'm not I'm supposed to be watching your little face light up when I walk in the room- but I'm not I'm supposed to be preparing for your first birthday, looking back at all the milestones you have reached in your first year of life- but I'm not Instead, I am desperately trying to make some sort of sense out of something that makes no sense- I feel like I have been ravaged by an emotional cyclone.

Some parts of me are gone forever, some are badly damaged and slowly being repaired and some are different and better than before- but through it all the memories of you continue to touch my soul and somehow keep me going.

You bonded your parents in a way that I thought impossible and your legacy is remembered with each loving touch and each knowing look between your father and I.

You came from love- a gift from God made from flesh and bone, but you have given me the greatest gift of all- motherhood, and you will be with me for all eternity, because, my little man, you were as good as it gets.

With more love than them all,

Adam Kenneth Lowe
Dec 9, 1998
Died soon after birth/Hypoplastic Left Heart
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

"Adam Kenneth Lowe" by Tracey (6/11/99)/Tracey's story

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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To Gage

I wanted to show you
All the joys of the Earth,
God needed you more
And took you at birth.

I wanted to watch you
Grow, laugh, and play,
God needed you with Him
To brighten His day.

I wantd to watch
You and Daddy play ball,
God needed you to live
In His Heavenly hall.

I wanted to comfort you
And dry all your tears,
God needed you there
For the rest of our years.

I wanted to see you
Go on your first date,
God needed your help,
So I have to wait.

I wanted to watch you
Grow into a man,
God needed you, though
For a much bigger plan.

I wanted to show you
All life had in store,
God smiled and said gently,
"He's needed here more."

Love, Mom

"From Gage" by Stephanie (10/25/00)

Stephanie & Brian
Gage Anthony Tobin
Stillborn 10/25/00

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Christian - forever in our hearts

We cannot hold you in our arms now, but we'll hold you in our hearts until they cease to beat. Then we'll hold you in heaven. You are gone but will never be forgotten. Know that we will always love you!

Mommy wrote this poem for you:

Our pain is real; our loss is great,
Yet we feel blessed at any rate.
Christian, you were conceived from our love,
Which was truly a blessing from up above.
The short time we had was oh so dear,
And in our hearts you are always near.
Please rest in peace our precious angel child,
And we'll come see you in a while.

Love Mommy & Daddy
Tammi and Mike
Christian Ilya (I'll love you always)
Hutchinson, KS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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The following is a poem I wrote to my precious son, Jonathan, on the day of his funeral:


From the moment I knew you were to be,
A brand new world I began to see,
Each morning I woke my first thoughts
Were of you and all the wonderful
Things we would do,
Each night as I closed my eyes, I prayed
For you to be strong and wise,
I could already see you at ages three, six
And nine, but God's plan for you was different
From mine, on the day I celebrated my own birth,
I learned you would never see this earth,
Though the time we had together was so brief,
Like a dew drop on a leaf,
You were a gift from God above,
You taught me of a mother's love.

With Love Forever,


Karen Verner
Jonathan William Verner
Riverdale, GA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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This poem is dedicated to my son whom we dearly miss and love always.

Forever in our Hearts, Mommy and Daddy

Charles Dalton Wilson III

Child of mine
Happy in heaven
An angel of God
Remembered always
Sadly I lost you

Darling I love you
Always and forever
Lonely without you
Together again someday
On the day God brings me to you
Now I am happy

Will you remember me then?
I know you will because I am Mommy
Lovingly you will run to me
So be patient my child
On and on I will forever think of you
Now let us be content and I will see you someday.

Charles Dalton Wilson III
Oceanside, CA


"Charles Dalton Wilson III" by Alta (Third Term Loss/unknown cause) (4/19/01)

"Charles Dalton Wilson III" by Alta (4/30/01) and "5 Months and counting..." by Alta (8/29/01,My son is suppose to be 7 months old today!!! by Alta (9/17/01)

My Little Sofia Marie

Three years - 5 months ago today,
The last time my eyes softly
looked down at you,
Mommy would have graciously
taken your pain,
I wanted you for so very long,
I can hardly remember day I
didn't pray for your love
years before you were born...

My little girl,
My little Angel Sofia,
These words are just that -
Mommys love and memories
of you are most important.

You have given me lovely memories,
To see you, to touch you
and knowing you heard my voice.

You are my Angel
My light at the end of the tunnel,
And we will be together once again...
When God puts out my candle as well.

Your Mommy

Sofia Marie Morales Ferraro
Died soon after birth
Miami, FL

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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