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"In Celebration"


Of these Special Babies...

Lindsey Katherine Hunter

Winchester Lane Phelps

Merenia (mir-a-near) Saskia Finn Stockley

Collin Jacob

Erin Nicole "Nikki

Brandon Michael Coffey

Mason Noah Carter Nance

Karalyn Hope Walter


Announcing...Lindsey Katherine Hunter

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Friday, September 17, 1999
8 pounds, 11 ounces
21 inches long

Sister of Christian Lee

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~

Deon and Becky Hunter, and big sister, Elizabeth

Click on balloons for pictures of The Hunter Family!

E-mail her mom, Becky..

"Christian in 1998" by Becky (11/30/98)...with other links to Becky's poem and thoughts on pregnancy...

"Christian in 1998" by Becky (Miscarriage) (11/30/98) and updates 2/15/02

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Announcing...Winchester Lane Phelps

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Brother of Ruger Zane Phelps

~ Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Our Angel on earth

Our first son was stillborn on april 27th,1999.
If I had not had two other children at home to care for
I might not have kept my sanity.
I had to be strong for them.
Our son was perfect in everyway.
My husband said that he was too perfect, and the only
place for him was heaven.God had big plans for our baby boy.

I knew from the very moment I held him in my arms that this wasn't over.
I knew we would have another child.I can't explain the feeling, but it
wasn't to replace the child we lost, it was just meant to be.

May 15th ,2000 our second son, our fourth child was born.
Winchester Lane Phelps. 8lbs 8 ounces, and 20 inches long.
He looks exactly like his brother, so we now have an angel in heaven, and an angel on earth.

It was the longest nine months of my life, always expecting the worst.
Somehow feeling that was all I deserved, for I had let another child down.
Why would God give me another. There were some complications, and I was forced to have an emergancy c-section, but it was all worth it.

IF I could get our first son back, I would, in a heart beat.
But not for one second, would I change the fact that I had him.
He was sent here for a reason, as were all my children.

WE have been blessed with another son, but we will never forget our first.
He is with me everyday,everynight, and every waking moment.
Ruger your mommy loves you with all her heart, forever and always


E-mail Jodi

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Announcing...Merenia (mir-a-near) Saskia Finn Stockley

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Tuesday 22nd of August 2000(Our Wedding anniversary good timing eh!)
Weighing in at; 6 lb 14 oz 3110 grams (despite being almost 3 weeks early!!!)
She is 49 cm long

Sister of Saskia

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Les, Gypsy and big brother, Kieran

Gypsie's story


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Announcing...Collin Jacob

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

~ born on Dec. 14, 00 at 2:20 p.m

Brother of Devon -

Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents ~

Kathy and Family

Marcia, I wrote of my one year anniversary of my miscarriage in Dec., and of an impending new arrival. Collin Jacob was born on Dec. 14,00 at 2:20 p.m., via an emergency C-section.

I was induced at 37 6/7 weeks because of PIH, after the c-section, my doctor said my placenta had a few areas that had died due to the high blood pressure, this is what caused the fetal distress and emergency c-section.

Collin is healthy and the last edition to our family. We are truly blessed to have four beautiful children, but will never forget the one we lost.

I have an Angel in my front window that is my one lost baby that lights prism colors in the room when the sun hits it, I still have such an ache in my heart from that loss that will always be there.

This site is truly a godsend, as I visit often, I also did name my baby, Devon. Thank you again for this site.

"One year anniversary, and impending new arrival" by Kathy (12/17/00)

"My Time To Grieve, My Lost Angel" by Kathy (12/23/99)

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Announcing...Erin Nicole "Nikki"

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Born 10-27-00

Sister of Anthony Curtis Hoobler ~ 5-15-96/5-19-96

Angel Baby in Heaven

Proud  Parents ~ Teresa and Family

Also Austin Mathew Hoobler-Owens has a baby brother named Dylan Michael born on 1-21-00.

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Announcing...Brandon Michael Coffey

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

January 25, 2001
7lbs 3oz and 20 inches long

Brother of Brittany

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Jenny and Craig Coffey and brother Kyle

For their story and other thoughts...


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Announcing...Mason Noah Carter Nance

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Born on April 1, 2001 (no fooling!) at 8:27PM
7 lbs. 11 ozs. and measured 20 1/2 " long

Brother of Mikaela Elizabeth Nance

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Jason, MaryBeth and big sister, Jennifer, Nance

Proud  Grandparents ~ Bob & Flo Foard of Bel Air, MD
Bill & Teresa Thompson of Tulsa, OK
Mark & Rene Nance of Tulsa, OK

Things are going great here. Mason and Jenny are both fantastic. He is another angel baby on earth. He's so calm and content and my labor and delivery were both certainly heaven sent!

Mason was born with an angel bite on the back of his neck, exactly like Jennifer was, reminding me that Mikaela is with him just as she is with Jennifer. Mason was born after an even more glorious labor and delivery than I could have imagined, in a quick and easy, completely natural ninety minutes and everything about him was and is absolutely perfect.

I feel like we have come such a long way in what seems like eons sometimes but has relatively been a short time. God really does bless us, even in our pain. 9/7/01


See First Anniversary for MaryBeth's thoughts and feelings on Mikaela's due date and anniversary, "Special Keepsakes for Mikaela," and Jenny's birth .

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Announcing...Karalyn Hope Walter

11/20/2000 8:45:00 PM
Length: 21 inches
Weight: 8 lbs 5 oz

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Sister of Ian 9/11/97 (stillborn) & Baby Autumn, 10/26/99 (ectopic)

- Angel Babies in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents and Family ~ Perry and JoAnn Walter

"JoAnn's Diary"


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~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Sister of Nora

- Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parent Lisa and Family ~


"Nora" by Lisa (10/97) and more entries....


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