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Pregnancy Definitions and Procedures
Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Newborn Death - Causes and Support
High Risk, Infertility Issues/Recurring miscarriages
Drs. Collins, Beer, Toledo, Korokin, and others included

For many of SA's parents, understanding and finding support for the medical condition or situation that led to the death of their baby is a very important step towards healing. It can be very difficult to do the research to make that happen, so we offer this page as a beginning platform for finding possible answers.

Some find those answers, others realize that for today, no answers are available. SA continues to do Advacacy and Awareness programs and outreaches, especially with the March of Dimes, so more answers will be found. The good news is that we have come a very long ways in the last 25 years! This is true in a great part because of parents' influence in the medical world, and because there are medical professionals that believe in finding the answers, too.

SHARE Alanta offers this information, but we endorse none of them. We always encourage our parents to return to a doctor, of their choice, with many questions and for added support. Often, the information on some of these sites can help parents better formulate questions for their care professional. Under each category, where appropriate, we have included links to local and international doctors and their offices that have been supportive of our issues.

Many of these sites have been posted since 1997! I try to go through and check to see if they are still operational every year or so, and they usually are. If you find one that is not, please let me know. Often the site is still there under a different URL. I have added many others through the years. If you locate a supportive site that would help others, please e-mail its URL to me and I will include it on the site. Thanks, Marcia McGinnis - Updated 1.11

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"Medical Terms" for the "types of losses"

Books about Pregnancy and Newborn Loss

"Thoughts about a cerclage, for incompetent cervix, by SHARE Atlanta mothers."

Sites that describe or have information about Medical Procedures Common to Pregnancy Loss

Pages of Sites for Specific Types of Losses Most Often Seen in SA's Groups - That Marcia has researched...

  • Conception to 20 weeks: Ectopic losses, Miscarriage/Repeated (Infertility Specialists treat this problem.),: tests, treatments, explanations, etc. Includes Atlanta AREA SUPPORTIVE DOCTORS and Collins and Beer Institute

  • High Risk - 20 weeks to term issues...Placental, cord, incompetent cervix, antibody, progesterone problems, etc./Birth Defects. Includes ATLANTA AREA SUPPORTIVE DOCTORS AND Collins and Beer Institute

  • Sites for genectic problems, syndromes, and infections (neural tube, fragile X, etc.)

  • Conditions (Cord, Lupus, DES, MS, Fifth Disease, Chicken Pox, etc.) Diseases & Viruses that may influence pregnancy

    Four Sites that have Information about many types of conditions, disorders and pregnancy loss issues...

  • March of Dimes' Site

    One of the reasons SA supports the March of Dimes is because of their excellent site. It has many answers to many questions. Visit their site and use their search engine to find topics that you are interested in.

  • Noah...Covers MANY Pregnancy Disorders and Issues

  • OB Focus ....High Risk Pregnancy Issues

  • Hygeia's site

    Info. sent to SA by professionals (Dr. Collins/cord accidents),(HELLP)

    If you can't find your concern on our site, type its name on Google's Search engine

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