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Online Bereavement Reources for Support:
Books, Brochures, Booklets, Videos, Tapes, Catalogs
Order Keepsakes, mementos, books, music, etc. ...

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only
help him discover it within himself.


A List of Online Book and Catalog Stores/Some with Spanish Materials..." keepsake books & boxes especially for our special babies; books and materials dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth & neonatal death; special keepsakes; t-shirts; certificates of life; music; etc. ... Order them, today!!

Online Compassionate Friends Booklets that address loss and grief. These also are on sale. English and Spanish

Focus on the Family offers books and a tape/CD on dealing with pregnancy and newborn loss

Order Tom Golden's books that focus on a man's grief

"PDF of SA Initial Booklist for Support" Found in our Parent Packet since 2006!


Bookstores and Stores with Materials and Information dealing with Bereavement


Books relating to Miscarriage

***Books relating to Stillbirth

***Books relating to Prematurity

***Books relating to Newborn Death


Centering Corporation - Spanish Materials/Grandparent Support

Includes: books, burial gowns, miscarriage, newborn death, SIDS, Spanish Resources, infertility.


"Bereavement Magazine"

  • Books, mementos, memory boxes, candles, etc.


    A Place to Remember - Spanish Materials/Grandparent Support - to order Online

  • Support materials and resources for during and after a pregnancy or newborn loss.
  • Online catalog and shop for cards, funeral help, mementos and other keepsakes
  • Baby Books and boxes for our Special Babies.

    Direct link to a listing of their books about Pregnancy and Newborn Loss


    Paul Alexander's Bereavement Resources

  • Tapes and ideas for music for remembering
  •  Contemporary style, combined with his passionate lyrics and compelling vocal delivery,touch the heart and soul of the listener and provide healing for the griever and those who serve them.


    Name a Star - " Register a star in the galaxy in the name of a loved one, and the recipient receives a beautiful Gold Certificate inscribed with their name and a personalized message. " *The "Star Register" allows you to name a star after your baby. They will send you a 12x16 color certificate with the star's astronomical name as well as the location. Or call 1-800-282-3333 "Like this star our love will shine forever"

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    Listings and Reviews of Books, Videos
    and Other Resources for Healing


    Books, Videos and Other Resources for SIDS, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death new 6/97

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