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"Medical Terms" that try to describe our Losses..."
Realizing that no "term" can define our pain and our feelings
for our baby...

Dearest McKayla

Our Baby Girl
Wished for with Hope
Anticipated with Joy
Lost in Deepest Sorrow
Loved Forever

by your parents,
Tom and Sara Mayes
Valhalla, NY
Second Trimester Loss

  • Ectopic Pregnancy: Occurs when an implantation occurs outside of the uterus in a fallopian tube - early loss. A pregnancy cannot be substained in the fallopian tube.

  • Miscarriage: This term used to define a loss that occurs within the first 3 months due to implantation failure, blighted ovum, genetic problems, etc.. But, because researchers needed a definition for stillbirth (see stillbirth), a miscarriage loss has been re-defined as a loss that occurs up to 20 weeks. Researchers needed to focus on babies born still AFTER 20 weeks. If they can find answers to why these babies die, many answers will be found for why miscarriages occur. Therefore, miscarriage has been extended to up to 20 weeks.

  • Stillbirth: A baby born at 20 weeks or who weighs at least 350 grams. (See midterm loss) This time frame was developed by researches so they would have a defined timeframe for babies born still. Their stillbirth research focuses on this timeframe. SA worked to have the GA Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth put in place as a law in 2008. Please read about this at this link...


  • Midterm Loss - Now called a Stillbirth if the baby is born still or a Newborn Death if the baby is born and dies shortly after birth.: A loss occurs from 20 weeks to around the seventh month (again changed from third to sixth month). Because of research (especially the March of Dimes work with preemies and birth defects), we are seeing more babies survive during this time. Even babies born at 23-24 weeks are sometimes surviving. Because of research, more babies AREN'T being born early. These lossses are usually attributed to incompetent cervix, genetic problems, placenta or uterine problems, birth defects, etc.

  • Third Trimester Loss - Now called a Stillbirth if the baby is born still or a Newborn Death if the baby is born and dies shortly after birth.: A loss that occurs within the seventh to ninth month(genetic, placenta and uterine problems; birth defects; cord accidents; etc.)

  • Neo-Natal (Newborn) and Early Infant Death: A loss that occurs at or shortly after birth usually due to birth defects, cord accidents, viruses, genetic problems, etc..

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