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Unexplained losses
Surrogacy, Adoption

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Includes links to:

  • Reproductive Biology Associates RBA with Dr. Toledo (repeat miscarriage issues)
  • InterNational Council on Infertility Information
  • Dr Alan Beer(antibody factor that causes repeat miscarriage issues, etc.) in Chicago
  • Reproductive Biology Associates/RBA and Dr. Perloe/IVF in Atlanta
  • The American Surrogacy Center - TASC in Atlanta
  • Sites for recurrent miscarriages, ectopic loss, infertility issues

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    Sites with Information about reasons for miscarriage, treatments, procedures, etc.

    Repeated miscarriage & infertility (Immune/antibody factor, luteal phrase defect, progesterone, etc.); Reproductive Biology Associates RBA with Dr. Toledo; Dr. Perloe/IVF in Atlanta

    Sites focused on Surrogacy. Also Adoption and Infertility

    Ectopic Loss Support

    Onsite support for Miscarriage & Grief

    Sites with Information about reasons for miscarriage, treatments, procedures, etc.

    Facts about Miscarriage by Deanna Roy

  • "This page provides miscarriage facts, causes and statistics, as well as handling the grief of losing a baby."
  • Treatments, procedures
  • Clear and concise information!

    Noah.. Covers MANY Pregnancy Disorders and Issues

    Complication of Pregnancy" -Childbirth Organization

    Includes information on just about all commonly known complications:
  • pregnancy loss issues(miscarriage, immunotherapy, ectopic, blighted ovum)

    American Pregnancy Org. - Incompetent Cervix and Difficult Pregnancies New 2/02

    This site is intended to support women who are struggling with Incompetent Cervix (IC), a cerclage, or a difficult pregnancy. It has lots of information about early pregnancy and losses.

    MODS' Info on Incompetent Cervix

    Recurrent Pregnancy Testing Page - much information about multiple miscarriages

    Includes information and costs on:
  • D.E.S.
  • implantation failure
  • Resolve
  • recurrent pregnancy loss testing
  • PLES(pregnancy loss evaluation)
  • Turner's syndrome...
    through references to: newsgroups, mail lists, web sites, books

    IVillage information about pregnancy and loss

  • Hyperemesis gravidarum, the medical name for excessive vomiting in pregnancy
  • Molar Pregnancy
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Miscarriage

    The Miscarriage Page by Dwan


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    Recurrent miscarriage and infertility

    INCIID - The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination: Latest Methods to diagnose, treat, and prevent infertility and Pregnancy Loss

    Includes information on:
  • uses Fact Sheets, Links, Bulletin Boards, etc. with information from doctors in this field - excellent resource
  • Immune and antibody factors - a lot of information on this subject (use of heparin,etc.)
  • intravenous immunoglobulen for treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • ultrasound screening for predicting implantation odds
  • endometriosis
  • reproductive endocrinology
  • severe male factor issue
  • Reproductive Biology Associates RBA - Atlanta Group - Kort, Toledo, Elsner, Mitchell-Leef, Hasty, etc. First posted 1990

  • Excellent description of reasons and procedures for recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Excellent coverage of male factor issues
  • Decribes donor egg and surrogacy
  • This group has been a supporter of SHARE Atlanta and many of our parents have had very positive experiences with the group. We thank them for all they do for SHARE Atlanta parents! Dr. Toledo did an interview for SHARE Atlanta that is in our Spring 2002 Newsletter. We hope to have it online soon.

    Miscarriage, Infertility, and Adoption~~ by Dr. Mark Perloe in Atlanta

    Includes information on:
  • excellent resource on miscarriage
  • Immune/antibody factor
  • infertility and adoption
  • The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine Welcomes You . . for Infertility Issues

  • Answers questions some don't want to ask see "Blush"
  • Good medical terms page
  • Miscarriages and methods to prevent them by Dr. Alan Beer (He passed away in 2006,but his innovative medicine continues.)

    "Our Reproductive Medicine Program is committed to helping those couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriages or repeated IVF-ET failures, achieve a successful pregnancy." Includes much information on antibody factor.


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    Sites that focus on Surrogacy, Fertility Issues, and Adoption

    The American Surrogacy Center - TASC, Started in Marietta, Ga. in the 90s.

    Information includes:
  • Lots of information about surrogacy and egg donation
  • Organization has a newsletter
  • Online support for multiple miscarriages
  • Links to other information and doctors who support surrogacy
  • SHARE will try to have information at our meetings from this group

  • "Welcome to the Homepage of Fertility"

  • As many as one couple in six experience some difficulty in conceiving.
  • Fertility Awareness helps to assess the occurrence of ovulation
  • Natural fertility...

    Adoption Information Services, Inc. - Started and continued by Marcia Barker in the Atlanta area..SA Families have turned to her for successful and blessed adoption support.


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    Sites that focus on Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Ectopic Pregnancy site by the American Pregnancy Org.
  • "The Trust" - Ectopic Pregnancy in UK

  • Ectopic Pregnancy - very medical and good info


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