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First Time Visits: pages for initial support.

  • A Pregnancy and/or Newborn Loss is significant.

  • We are "healed" bereaved parents offering you support and understanding.
  • It helps to understand that grieving is a process,and there are many ways to heal.

    Please be gentle with yourself along this journey.
    Marcia McGinnis and SHARE Atlanta Parents.

    SA moms light our memorial candle
    during a Women's Meeting

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    "You are NOT alone."

    The "Rights" of you and your baby during and after a loss.

    How SHARE Atlanta can help you.

    The First 24 Hours after a Loss & Later Menu/WHAT TO DO..

    Grief Process by Marcia McGinnis

    Links to Books (titles and places to buy online), booklets, music for healing..

    Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Medical Information; Doctors, etc. From Early Loss to High Risk

    Miscarriages & Ectopic Pg. Loss Support - The largest Section on this Site - Parents speak!

    Thinking about and planning a memorial service..or a loving good-bye..even years later. List of supportive funeral homes

    SHARE Atlanta Moms
    at a Women's Support Meeting

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