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"Allowing Grieving to Happen to Heal"
"Permission to Grieve"...
Am I crazy or is this grieving...?!?!?
What can I long will this take?!?!?!

SA's Grief Timeline for the First Year... in PDF by Marcia McGinnis

"Healing Happens" PDF of SHARE Atlanta Families and their healing activities... by Marcia McGinnis

The normal "Grieving Process" by Marcia McGinnis

Emotions - The "stages" of grief by Marcia McGinnis

Healing - Time, Work, Patience by Marcia McGinnis

Grief - it intensity and longevity is real by Marcia McGinnis

The Significance of You and Your Baby by Marcia McGinnis

First Year - Moving from Month to Month"

"Healing & Making Our Child's Presence Meaningful - Grief brings Healing"

Being "Stuck" in Grief Or Grieving as "We need to..." by Marcia McGinnis

"Trigger Points" - unexpected times of intense grief by Marcia McGinnis

"Trigger Points" - Emails from our visitors

Grieving to Heal: Though these emails are from years gone by, the feelings, reactions, suggestions, and the grieving process..towards healing are timeless. Many coping ideas are expressed as I respond to our SA member's emails. Hugs to all, Marcia

E-Mails 2002-5 - Reflections on grieving

Archived E-Mails 1997-2001 - Thoughts on Grief from our visitors

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