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The First Year - Month by Month

Usually the days preceding the anniversary day
of each month are harder for me than the actual day itself...

Binghamton, NY

Survival during the First Year

Each month as the "period" of the month your baby arrived draws near your heart and mind reflect back to the loss.

Many times parents are flooded with these feelings before they are really aware why. Parents are sometimes shocked to realize that these monthly reactions can be so strong. It helps to understand that this is normal.

It helps to "go with the feelings" rather then fight them.

During the first year it is normal to have many periods of time where you feel as though your grief controls does. Only as your work through your grief (See "Allowing Grief to Happen to Heal" and "Coping Ideas") do you come to a time where you can decide when and when not to deal with the pain of grief.

Gradually, often after the first anniversary, your emotions and reactions are more predictable and controllable. This is normal Marcia McGinnis 1997

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First to Third Month

Fourth to Eighth Month

Ninth to Twelfth Month

JoAnn's Diary...A mother's reflections in loving memory of her son, Ian ~ E-mails to SHARE Atlanta from 9/97 for over a year's time. JoAnn shares her highs and lows in an effort to understand her loss and pain on her path of healing. New 2/14/99

More about the Grief Process - Includes Emails about the Grieving Process that parallel thoughts on this page.

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The Grief Process

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