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Notes from 1997-'99...
Friends in the South

"Notes and Letters to SHARE Atlanta"

Colleen/GA/5/97"Good Morning America segment on miscarriages!"

Janet/GA/6/97"...SHARE helped me..."

Brenda/VA/7/97 "Thanks"

Carla/GA/9/97"...I love being Mommy"(finally)

"MaryBeth/MD/11/97 "...we are not alone, that others are feeling the same things. "

Kim/GA/3/98 "...attended the womens meeting"

"I lost a five year old brother on Mother's Day '97..." by Brandie (3/23/99)

Lexy/TN/4/98"^i^...Angel Mommy group

Aime/TX/5/98 - "A sister reaches out for help for her sister and brother-n-law"

Paige/GA/6/17/98- "I am going start going to your support group. I really hope that help."

Youlanda/Atlanta,GA/6/18/98-"...My husband (even though he loves me very much) really doesn't have a good understanding of how I am feeling sometimes..."

Whitney/TX/6/17/98-"... I suffered a miscarriage(partial molar pregnancy)...Thank you for some wonderful and comforting thoughts.

Carol/GA/12/8/98-" son named Matthew..."

Jo Ann/Arkansas/12/12/98-"Operation Angel"

Jody /MD/12/31/98-Losing my third pregnancy...

Steve/Covington, GA/3/12/99-The stories and articles that I have read so far have helped me continue to cope with our loss.

"And after reading this page you gave me a sense of understanding and let me know that other people knew how I felt." by Brandie, Ashland, KY., (4/13/99)

"It does make me feel better to know that others have had the same feelings of loss that we have. " by Kelley, Metairie, LA (4/16/99)

"Support needed..." by Sarah - Al.(7/7/99)

Dear SHARE ... A great job!!! (on the web site)

SHARE has been a constant form of support for me over the last 2 years and I am so thankful that you are here.

Did you see the Good Morning America segment the other day on miscarriages? They actually had on real parents who had experience miscarriages... Word is getting out that its OK to grieve. (SHARE Atlanta - Spring '97)



Visit Miscarriage/Relationships, Sibling Grief, and Fourth Anniversary for other thoughts Colleen has shared with SHARE Atlanta

Dear Colleen,

Thanks for helping and supporting us for the last two years - and for your words of support around the web site. It is very exciting to have the web site and to have others understand and support "our" issues!

Thanks for bringing and giving me the copy of the show. What a wonderful show it was/is! We will certainly "share" it with our group.

I sure was able to use the word support a lot in this letter - isn't that what it is all about?

Love, Marcia

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Dear SHARE... a wonderful job on this web page! I am so excited to be able to read it here on the net. Please thank ...everyone who helped it get going... I know that lots of people will find just what they are looking for here. Hopefully it will help get the word out about the group too.

I can honestly say that I could not have made it without SHARE and the people I have met through the organization. I look forward to coming back to the page again and again. ... Janet (SHARE Atlanta) Spring '97

Dear Janet,

Thank you for the kindness that seems to always be with you. I, too, hope our site will "open more doors" for both the bereaved and their caretakers. Already we have had some exciting e-mail from several professionals in the Atlanta area and some on the web!

Please do keep visiting - I hope to keep adding more information as well as a memorial page, a subsequent pregnancy page, and maybe a way to share stories - and anything else that seems to fit!


~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Dear SHARE ... I had just a few minutes to visit your website today, but I have to tell you I love it! I will be back to visit very soon. I heard of your website from your SHARE Atlanta newsletter, which I learned of from Jennifer G. (Spring of '97)

~Brenda in Virginia Beach~ (mom to David [almost 12 yrs.], Mark [6 yrs.], Taylor [miscarried at 15 weeks in July 1995], and Andrew [7.5 months])

Dear Brenda,

Glad you visited - even briefly, today. Come as often as you can!

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Marcia....What a wonderful job you did! I know this was a labor of love for you. Thank you for taking the time and thank you for caring (even after all these years).

I hope you and your family are doing well. I love being Mommy to a 3 year old....something I never thought I would get the opportunity to say five years ago when I first met you.

I'll check back from time to time.......Do you have any plans to publish the Share newsletter on-line any time in the future? Take care.

Carla B.
Suwanee, GA
SHARE Atlanta

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


I just found your site. Thank you so much for it.

Friends and family get tired of hearing the stories and wiping all the tears. Only if you have gone through this can you truly understand the depth of the pain and dispair. It is something you never get over.

When a child dies a part of you, the best part, dies with him. And you carry the emptiness of that loss all the days of your life, especially if it was your only child. It is nice to find a place where others really understand. Thank You again, Susan

Visit Why Grieve?/To the Child in My Heart for other thoughts Susan has shared with SHARE Atlanta

Susan Procaccino
Arbutus, MD
Ian Philip Procaccino
Second trimester loss

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Dear Marcia, Thank you for replying. I plan to visit again and share my experience wherever it seems appropriate. I think it helps to know that we are not alone, that others are feeling the same things.

I like that you think your forever babies are watching over your children on earth. I totally agree with you. When Jennifer (my earth angel baby) was born, she had a huge angel kiss/stork bite on the back of her neck. We call that Mikaela's (my angel baby in heaven) kiss. We know that Mikaela watches over Jenny, and us, every day... and that helps.

Thank you for saying Jennifer is blessed to have us as parents. We are the blessed ones, though. :>

Visit First Anniversary and Sibling Grief for other thoughts that MaryBeth has shared with SHARE Atlanta MaryBeth
Mikaela Elizabeth
Patuxent River,Md

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


I just wanted to thank you so much. I attended the women's meeting for the first time this month. My loss was February 13th, at 8 and 1/2 months. The two hours went by so fast and I felt much better after I left. Thank you for being there for us, the bereaved.

Visit "Spencer's Story" and Others' Influence for more thoughts about Spencer and her experience. Also, read Gifts - Naming Your Babies after 41 Years

Spencer Calvert
Stillborn - 2/13/98
Duluth, Ga

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Marcia - you are welcome to use the ^i^..i didnt make it up tho ;) I am in an Angel Mommy group (, and we all use that to signify our angels....

Thank you for putting Kylie's memorial up...Lexy

Kylie Morgan Mityok
Murfreesboro, TN

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


My dear sister, Dawn, and her husband, Carl, lost their precious daughter, Taylor Jade, on Monday. Dawn was only six months into the pregnancy at the time. Dawn and Carl will bury their baby tomorrow. I am in search for information, support and kind words to help my sister through this sad time. Thank you, Aime

Dallas, TX

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


Our Baby Angel

I lost my baby May 11, 1998. I was six months pregnant. I had a bloodclot on my placenta. It started to slip away from the baby and I went in to labor at home 3 days later. she was stillborn. She was 4 weeks behind schedule on growing because of the bloodclot.

She only weighed 8.8 ounces and was 9 inches long. It has been a hard thing to go through.

I am going start going to your support group. I really hope that help. Thanks, Paige

Our Baby Angel
Second trimester/Stillborn~5/11/98
Dallas, Ga

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi, I have a question regarding "feelings". My husband (even though he loves me very much) really doesn't have a good understanding of how I am feeling sometimes. If I only talked to him, I would probably think that there was something wrong with me.

I guess that I should preface with the fact that I do have a 2 year old son. Even at that, there are times when it really hurts deep down inside to see young infants not to mention pregnant women knowing that I should be pregnant right now.

I lost my son at around 15 weeks the middle of Feb. Even though we are into June, I still feel that way even to the point of it bring tears. Like I said, I don't think that my husband understands why it hurts me so much.

I really can't explain it to him except to say that for me our son was real from the moment I found out that I was pregnant and I don't think that he really internalized it because it hadn't arrived.

I guess I'm just wanting to know if there is anyone else out there that had to or is still dealing with anything like this. I know that I cannot hide inside of the house and even if I tried that we will be having house guest and one of them has an infant. So even in my own home it finds me.

I welcome any and all suggestions. Thank you for your time and concern. Youlanda, Atlanta Ga.

Part of Marcia's reply: ...Of course you miss your baby and are grieving for your little one. Your sweet two year old is a blessing, but you are the mother of two babies and one does not equal the other.

Grief takes time to move through - 6 months to a year and sometimes longer(and that's normal). Each person grieves his or her own way and men and women usually grieve very differently. Especially in early losses, you are right, women bond more than men for obvious reasons.

Your concerns and questions I have heard many times throughout the last 13 years as a SHARE group leader and during the last year on the internet. They are very normal concerns that most people face as they travel down this path towards healing.

Please take time to read information on "Father's Grief Menu," and "Allowing Grieving to Happen to Heal." All of these talk about what you are asking. Take time to read and grieve...invite your husband to read some(or all) of these. He is grieving, just differently than you. Take care, Marcia

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


What a wonderful page! I suffered a miscarriage(partial molar pregnancy) in February and have been looking for pages dealing with grief and comfort. Thank you for some wonderful and comforting thoughts.

Part of Marcia's comment: I am glad that you found some comfort and support on these pages... The Medical Resource page also has links to info on molar pregnancies...

Tyler, Tx

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


My son was stillborn on March 21, 1998. We lost him due to bilateral renal agensis. We named him Matthew.

Jonesboro, GA

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


If you have anyone in my area,(Mountain Home, Arkansas) or anywhere else, that needs to be ministered to, I'd love to send them two free books as well as materials on grieving the loss of a child. I can be reached at 870-424-7500 during the day.

I'd love to hear from any of you. Thanks so much to SHARE ATLANTA for what you are doing to make this painful path a little easier to travel. May God richly bless you in your endeavor.

Website for "Operation Angel"

Jo Ann
Darrell Keith Taylor and Melody Joy Taylor
June 62 and June 63
Little Rock, AR and El Paso, TX

For more of JoAnn's thoughts..."Darrell Keith Taylor and Melody Joy Taylor...June '62 and '63..."

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


I found out today that I am losing my third pregnancy. I have one healthy toddler named Elisabeth. This loss is helping me to grieve my first loss that I never grieved because I was so traumatized.

I have decided to claim the name Grace for my first daughter and Spencer for my current loss, after Princess Diana. I think the point of this loss is to help me heal from the first.

Has anyone every named their second live birth after the name they would have given a lost child?

Waldorf, Md

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


I would just like to say that this website is a wonderful idea. I hope it will help and bring comfort to those who have suffered stillbirths or miscarriages.

We had a son, Samuel, stillborn on May 11, 1997. We still struggle with this, even though we now have a daughter, Hannah, now 11 months old.

The stories and articles that I have read so far have helped me continue to cope with our loss. Thanks, again, Steve

Covington, Ga

Marcia's thoughts: It is so hard to realize that a pregnancy and/or neo-natal loss can cause us so much pain and grief. We would like to believe society when it supports a brief grieving process...especially with "such an early loss."

As the articles that I have written, the books that have been written and the letters on the site from parents who have experienced this kind of loss express so clearly...we have loss a part of us, our future and someone special who was to be with us forever. We grieve because we loved and loss our child.

As with any other loss, noone can "replace" this special baby. We can (and thankfully, do...) love subsequent or our living children, but we still have the pain from the one we loss. It takes time, work and understanding to cope with this...and this is a NORMAL process. We must allow ourselves the space to grieve...

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~

From Brandie in Ashland, KY.

I am not a parent, but I lost my baby brother in a car accident on Mother's Day 1997. It was the worst thing that has ever happend to me. He was 5 years old. I was 14 when it happened.

And after reading this page you gave me a sense of understanding and let me know that other people knew how I felt. And that means alot to me so thank you very very much.


Marcia's thoughts: Brandie, please visit The Compassionate Friends National site and, perhaps, you can find more support there. They have sibling groups for brothers and sisters who have lost brothers or sisters. There may even be a local group in your area. You can find their link on "Links, Other Groups" but here it is:

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~


I'm a mother of a two-year old daughter named Maryssa Nell who would have become a big sister in October of this year.

We loss our second child to a miscarriage on March 27,1999. After a difficult three day ordeal which ended in the hospital I'm just now trying to deal with the loss we have suffered.

It does make me feel better to know that others have had the same feelings of loss that we have. I can't tell how many people feel that I'm overeacting and think that my life should be "back to normal". Thanks for the support you offer.

Metairie, LA

Marcia's Thoughts: As the notes on our Miscarriage page seem to share...most folks don't understand or will not allow a miscarriage to be a "real" emotional and personal loss. Many think that by denying feelings around our early losses, there will be no pain or grief. I haven't found that to be true. Grief will come out...sooner or later! Please be gentle with yourself as you continue to heal.

~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~

Support needed...

We have recently lost a child due to illness in the Second trimester.I would like to find a support group if possible, or just a kind ear. Thank you, Sarah

Ozark, Al

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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