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Of these Special Babies...

Jennifer Rebekah Nance

Jenna Li-Lynn

Tristan Akira

Brenden Michael Kelly

Jolee Rian Linden


~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Jennifer Rebekah Nance
August 15, 1997
6 lbs. 11 ounces
19 inches...

Sister of Mikaela Elizabeth Nance

~ Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents ~ Jason & MaryBeth Nance of Patuxent River, MD

Proud  Grandparents ~ Bob & Flo Foard of Bel Air, MD
Bill & Teresa Thompson of Tulsa, OK
Mark & Rene Nance of Tulsa, OK

Jenny was born after a glorious pregnancy and a virtually painless, totally natural, three hour labor and delivery, complete with an angel kiss on the back of her neck.

click on balloons for a picture of Jenny!

-MaryBeth Nance
E-mail MaryBeth

See First Anniversary for MaryBeth's thoughts and feelings on Mikaela's anniversary, "Special Keepsakes for Mikaela" and Mason arrives!

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Announcing...Jenna Li-Lynn

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Jenna Li-Lynn
Born November 26, 1996
Dian Bai, Guangdong, China
Adopted January 7, 1998

Sister of Charles, Christian, Michael, Cole and Tracy between January, 1989 and February 1994

~ Angel Babies in Heaven ~

Proud Parents ~ Charlie and Karen M.

SHARE Atlanta Members welcomed Jenna home with a very happy and special baby shower. Everyone was touched by her gentle acceptance of all of us!

click on balloons for a picture of Jenna!

"100% Mine...A note of hope..." by Charlie (6/98)

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~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Tristan Akira
May 29, 1998
7lbs. 5oz and 18 3/4inches
Atlanta, GA

Sister of Two special babies

~ Angel Babies in Heaven ~

Proud Parents ~Liz and Hitoshi

Proud Brother ~Sterling

This family's friends at SHARE Atlanta are pleased Tristan is here with her family!!!

click on balloons for a picture of Tristan!

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Announcing...Brenden Michael Kelly

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~


Brother of Sean

~ Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents ~Janet and Ronald Kelly - Miami, FLA

We are BLESSED to have a new life in our family. Brenden Michael joined our family on December 3, 1996 following a perfect pregnancy.

Brenden's older brother died in July 1995 from HLHS. We were so worried about his health all during the pregnancy.

His birth came at Christmas time (a holiday I refused to recognize following Sean's death) and it was as if with his birth, my faith and spirit had been re-born. Christmas was the perfect time for his arrival because he is the gift from God that brought the smiles and happiness into our life again.

We cherish each day with him and are thankful that the Lord gave us an angel to guard his steps. Love, Mommy and Daddy

click on balloons for a picture of Brenden! He's the little boy in the middle of SHARE Atlanta's bench!


Visit Others' Supportive Influence, Second Anniversary, Third Anniversary, and for other thoughts that Janet has shared with SHARE Atlanta. For a very special poem... ""I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I miss you Sean..." By "Aunt" Lisa (5/98)

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Announcing...Jolee Rian Linden

~ Angel Baby on Earth ~

Born on May 3, 1998

Sister of CJ, and Jamie

~ Angel Baby in Heaven ~

Proud  Parents ~ Scott & Stevie

Proud  Brother and Sister~ Natasha and Tristan

After two miscarriages, one in 1995, and another in October of 1996. We were finally blessed with a little angel. Jolee Rian Linden was born on May 3, 1998 three weeks early, but very healthy!


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