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SA's Marcia McGinnis' "The Circle of Healing" Inservice
Given to Nurses, Social Workers, Stephen's Ministry, Students, Small Groups, and Chaplains
Since 2007...From over 25 Inservices
We have done inservices since 1985.

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SA's 4th Inservice at Kennestone Hospital

Goals and Outline of Agenda for Marcia McGinnis's "Circle of Healing" Power Point Presentation

Comments from Evaluations of "The Circle of Healing":

1. Excellent Presentation!! I learned how to interact with parents and things to do with and give to parents to help them after the death of their baby.

2. The presentation was clear, and not boring because of the videos, the power point, and the sharing of personal stories by all of the presenters. THANK YOU!!

3. Thank you for coming!! All of your work is appreciated by us. I have used your blankets and especially the little buntings many times!

4. You helped me understand what parents deal with internally.

5. I understand the process of grief better..THANK YOU!!

And THANK YOU to all the SA parents who have joined us through the years. They share their thoughts and parts of their stories as we move through the power point. A short list of those members who have participated includes: Erin Dickerson, Kelly Mishkoff, Alyse Jones, Mindy Seger, Maya Smith, Allysa and Nathan Wolf, Lynne Anderson, Nikecia, Rodericka P., Adrianne Verbanac, Leah Perry, Shenia Kirkland, Coretta Monroe, Betty Miller, Tammy Campbell, Memo Garcia, Steve Morgan, Karen Gipson, Adrianne Grey, Danyael Garcia, ..and many more. We learn from one another, too. Thanks to our wonderful SA members for supporting our Advocacy and Awareness Outreach!

Marcia McGinnis' "The Circle of Healing" is a power point inservice program with written handouts. Its focus is on the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community's needs and issues. These come as a result of: an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, a stillbirth or a newborn death. The content is for an audience that reaches nurses, doctors, chaplains, social workers, and Stephen Ministers, etc.

It includes:

1. The unique grief journey for this set of bereaved parents

2. Information about the Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth, CBRS (This law was passed by Marcia and Erin Dickerson with SA families supporting them.).

3. A suggested Patient Discharge and Perinatal Loss Checklist based on the needs of these parents.

4. A "What to say and do and not to say and do" review

5. Grief Support resources for families

6. Information about SA's Blanket and baby item packets

7. Information about SA's Survivial Kit for parents when they find out their baby has or will die.

Email Marcia McGinnis - "The Circle of Healing" - SA's Inservice Program Click on icon.

APNEC/SA's "The Circle of Healing" Given twice a year for Atlanta and GA area hospitals and health professionals.

SHARE Atlanta and Marcia McGinnis presents her program "The Circle of Healing." The APNECs extensive Workshop is given twice a year, spring and fall, at the Wellstar Development Center on Windy Hill Rd. You may contact the Wellstar staff for the APNEC program.

Pictures from SA's "Circle of Healing" Inservice - Some pictures!

Some of SA moms (Nikecia, Pam, Alisha, Lauren) with Marcia and a few of the nurses who came up afterwards to look at our materials, baby books, etc. One of our new FB nurse friends and supporters, Danielle Mendez-Rogers, is sitting next to Lauren and Marcia. Danielle is an inspiration to talk with! (She told us that she has attended several of our presentations and learns something new each time.) Second from the left is Acquenette Jackson who is the Wellstar Development coordinator from Grady Hospital. We thank her, Debra Kilday- Kennestone Hospital, and ALL of the nurses for their ongoing support. We have presented the program twice a year since 2008.

Nikecia and Danielle Mendez-Rogers

A snapshot during the presentation..includes Alyse Jones, Erin Dickerson, Alisha Lenzen, Pam Slayback and Lauren Irvin

Egleston Inservice with Shenia Kirkland, Coretta Monroe, and Stephanie who asked us to present.

Understanding SA and The Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community..

"You are NOT alone."

The "Rights" of you and your baby during and after a loss.

How SHARE Atlanta can help you.

The First 24 Hours after a Loss & Later Menu/WHAT TO DO..

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