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Angel's History & SHARE Atlanta's Angel and Garden Story

SHARE Atlanta believes that mementos and special places are an important aspect of the healing process.

During the last seventeen years, we have provided support groups, candle lightings, memorial services, a website, and a garden with a bench and memory brick pathway as outreaches to our community of bereaved parents. The “Angel” is a special blessing amongst all of these healing experiences.

It is our wish that as a bereaved parent, friend or loved one comes and sits in the angel's presence, touches the angel’s wings or lays flowers on the garden or in the angel’s arms, s/he may experience some peace and hope around their own beloved child’s loss and brief presence with us on this earth.

Special Angels—Their History

Years ago, National SHARE and Richard Paul Evans joined hands in supporting bereaved parents—first with his book, The Christmas Box, which then inspired the “Angel” monument in Utah. About four years ago, Cathi Lammert, National SHARE’s president, dedicated an Angel of Hope monument in Missouri and encouraged other SHARE groups to consider this Angel as a possibility in each state.

Bringing the “Angel” to Atlanta

Much support from local members

After an interrupted start (encouraged by our member Jennifer G. and worked on by Karen G. and Karen M.) in '98, a directed gift in '99 by bereaved mom, Cindy J, refocused SHARE Atlanta’s board on bringing an Angel to Atlanta.

Then in March 2000 one of our members, Terri and Chris C, sent us a sizable gift of money and immediately embraced the Angel as being what they wished to see their love and donation for their baby, Nicole to go towards. They wanted this angel to be placed in Babyland at Arlington Memorial Park. (Where SHARE Atlanta already had an established memorial pathway and garden.)

The Clontz's on the hearts - I will have some pictures soon.

Angel Child's Home really was to be in Babyland...

Our board gained Arlington Memorial Park’s acceptance for placing our “Angel Child” in Arlington Cemetery in Sandy Springs, GA. On December 15, 2000 (a VERY cold day), the Keens, Jennifer and Gracie Greer and Marcia spent about two hours "looking" for just the right home for the angel at the cemetery. While Maureen showed us four different places, we all still wanted it to be in Babyland where our original garden was.

It didn't seem as though there was enough land there to include an angel, but Joe, a landscape architect, and his wife, Polly K. designed a beautiful garden that would fit there. It included an extension of our memorial brick pathway. The angel would look as though she/he was in a garden. Our board approved this landscape in January 2001.

The Keen's story is under the Angel Menu: "Creating a Garden" - pictures of the construction of the angel's garden

Lots of work, donations, and love...

SHARE Atlanta began working on the program details and promotion in March 2001. We created a promotional brochure, posters, and tent cards for mall tables. (all online) We invited our participants - all donated their gifts to our performance. Mary M., one of our members, sketched the angel, and we used her lovely illustration on all of our promotional materials. The graphic design and printing was done at a reduced rate or at no cost.

Then the gifts continued to come our way! As Joe and Polly worked toward making the garden a reality, many of their clients donated some or all of their wares (irrigation equipment, garden materials, building materials, etc.) Then friends of several of our members donated, thus making possible, things such as our plaque, printing of the programs, etc.

The supportive outreach of the community toward our project - validated our message and our cause.

We felt blessed by all these people's willingness to support our cause. We could never thank them enough for helping us bring the angel and garden to Atlanta for bereaved parents. In a society that generally shuns death and fears loss, SHARE Atlanta's project was embraced by so many people representing many different companies and groups. I have included the names of these wonderful people on a separate page.

Participants, Companies, Friends & volunteer parents that helped make our angel a on hearts

About twenty plus families made up the SHARE Atlanta angel committee

We had about twenty SHARE Atlanta families involved in the development of the program and various details necessary for getting a project this size completed. With a meeting every month and various "e-mail decisions," there was much to be done. All the input and committment was rewarded when October 21, 2001 arrived and everything went wonderfully. We were indeed blessed that day.

For member's reason's why the angel means a lot to them - visit "What the angel and the garden mean to me." (From the Groundbreaking Ceremony)" in the Angel Menu.

How you can reach out to help and be a part of our special Angel

  • Spread the outreach of the angel and our program by "sharing it with others." Send them the URL of our site and Angel Garden page or buy a video, beautifully completed by Tom Hanaford of Visual Solutions, of the ceremony.
  • Visit our angel's garden at Arlington Memorial Park in Sandy Springs, GA
  • Buy a memorial brick (for in the garden) or keepsake brick (for you to have)
  • Send donations for upkeep of the angel's "garden home" or the continuation of the work that SHARE Atlanta does

    Marcia McGinnis

    The Story of SA's Angel Garden & Memorial Bricks

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