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"Sharing" Our Stories/Thoughts - Along this Path

Allysa's Healing Artwork and Poem...

PDF of Allysa's Artwork in Memory of Ethan 2007

This was first shared by Allysa during our 2007 Memorial Service and Women's Candlelighting Service

The pictures are part of Marcia's "Circle of Healing" inservice power point presentation.

Allysa's thoughts about her artwork and grief..11.07

I know after Ethan died it took me a while to get back into my art and writing and everything. The thing that helped me was my friend sending me a box of all these new art supplies to work with and of course once I started it was hard to stop. I go off and on sometimes, but I have found my creativity booming since I got back to my art. It really helps me so much in my healing and grieving.

Marcia's thoughts Isn't it nice how friends can help us in ways that they might even suspect. I liked meeting your friend at the Memorial Service! And, of course, we are all blessed to have your artwork to see and appreciate. We thank you so much for sharing these with us.

Alive in me.

The first time I saw you on the ultrasound screen bouncing around,
I knew you were alive in me.

Every time you kicked and stuck your little butt out,
I knew that you were alive in me.

When your daddy would read to you and you moved around excitedly,
I knew you were alive in me.

There were so many times I couldn't help but get excited to have you,
my little Ethan, alive inside of me.

When you died, I thought you weren't alive inside of me anymore.
I was wrong.

You are still alive in me.

You are my courage to do what I need to do to be happy.

You are my strength to keep going even when all I want to do is give up.

You help me find hope again when everything feels meaningless.

You are my reminder to enjoy every moment in anyway I can.

From your ashes I was reborn. You are a part of me. Alive in me. You are in my heart and in everything I do.

I carry you with me always and forever.


In loving memory of Ethan
May 26, 2007

11.26.07 by Allysa...A note about this poem...

So today marks 6 months since we lost Ethan. It feels like longer but it also feels so fresh.

We had a little memorial for him when we went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving. We placed some of his ashes around the tree that my mother-in-law planted in memory of him. The trip was really hard. I don't know if it was just the first holiday without him or knowing we were going to do a memorial service or the knowledge that his 6 months was coming up or maybe all 3 but it was very difficult. It makes me even more scared about Christmas.

Anyway, I wanted to share the little thing I wrote for his memorial service.

Note from Marcia All of these feelings are part of the grieving process. What Allysa is doing, though, is finding ways to cope. Writing, art, poems, sharing, reaching out, - all of thse help us to heal. Do they take the pain away or the fear? No, but they give us a place to take our love and work with our fear and pain. Allysa is using *time* in a healing way. Passing time along - in and of itself - usually does not cause the necessary changes that bring healing. Allysa has given her precious child a true presence in her life...and in the life of her family. Marcia McGinnis 12.5.07

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Allysa at Women's Meeting with picture of Ethan and his blanket

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