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    Kyle and his mother, Pam...
    Lighting SHARE Atlanta's Memorial Candle..2003
    In memory of Allie
    And All Our Precious Babies...

    His Candle
    I light his candle
    to acknowledge his life.
    And I say his name
    and that I miss him.
    I wonder if it's celebration enough
    for what he means to me.
    Julie B.

    "First" Holidays, Anniversaries & the Due Date - Why so difficult? Healing Happens...

    Men and women's grief as the first anniversary approaches

    Thoughts & Poems from our Parents...

    Due Date Issues...

    First Year Anniversary

    Anniversaries After the First Year..

    Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Hannaka

    Coping: Keepsakes, Things to "do" to survive

    What's Going on at SA!

    Tanya sharing her baby's memorial box...
    SHARE Atlanta Candlelighting Service 1999

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    As different holidays and seasons come along, please remember that you are a parent (with special memories) so take time to remember and to take care of yourself. A loss and grieving make these times difficult...this is normal.

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