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Our Special Babies...

Touched for a moment
By your presence
Remembering you...
Forever in our hearts

Marcia McGinnis
   SHARE Atlanta

It is nice to be able to remember you both like this,
with other parents who know the true feelings of loss...

Perth, W.A., Australia

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Some thoughts from SHARE Atlanta Visitors...

I stumbled across your site
while cruising for something else
and thought it was a great idea to do a memorial.
That's one of the things (one of many)
that continues to bother me:
that there was no "formal" acknowledgement of our loss.
We now have a 9 month old daughter, and
feel very blessed, but we still (me especially)
miss our first child.

Miscarriage ~ 5/96

Courtney lives on... She touched so many people and is still very much a part of our lives. She is remembered by more than just John and I. And having that memorial there is a way that she, with her family, can still reach out to other people - share the grief, share the love and help with the healing. Roanne in Australia

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