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"Taking On Wings"

"Creating a Garden" - pictures of the construction of the angel's garden.
It took three weeks to actually complete the garden's landscape. 2001

The angel's garden was designed by Joe Keen in memory of Elijah Thomas - July 4, 1992, Autumn Bray - October 31, 1992, Frances Grace - May 6, 1994, Sarah Elizabeth - August 14, 1994, Samuel Brown - September 22, 1996, Jeremiah Davis - February 20, 1997.

Polly (Joe's wife) and their children - Joseph and Emily visited the garden regularly. I was often included in these trips! It was fun to watch our angel garden take shape with a lot of TLC! The Keen's landscape company built the garden.

Joe and Joe's crew of men installing the angel on the "homecoming" day is under that title in the Angel Menu or you can continue from this page.

Joe's crew working on the foundations.

Pete lays bricks for the angel's garden home.

Joe, Polly, and Joseph sitting on the bench at the site.

Continue with the placing of the angel in the garden on hearts

The Story of SA's Angel Garden & Memorial Bricks

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