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Thoughts at Thanksgiving


The holidays are here...where is the cheer?

In our SHARE Atlanta groups we discuss how the holidays are very difficult. At a time when "family and friends" are together, we become even more painfully aware that our babies are not with us to share in these times.

Often participating in the familiar traditional activities increases our discomfort.

We constantly are pulled away from any joy to feeling our huge loss. Family and friends may believe that doing the familiar is safe...for some it may work, but as the folks in our groups have shared, this may be the time to start new traditions or to protect yourself from more pain by removing yourself from hurtful experiences.

Don't be afraid to vary from your usual activities.

Those around you "will adjust" if you let them know you are "making changes" to help you cope with this time of year. You may or may not be ready to return to the familiar at another time...time will be our lead. Our prayer is one of love and peace.


Letters and Poems from our Internet Friends about Thanksgiving

"Holidays are's been 18 months..." by Ginger (11/12/98)

A Holiday Dedication to Cameron" by Jennifer (11/25/98)

"This would have been Noah 1st Thanksgiving..." by Tami (11/24/99)

Holidays are hard

My son died some 25 minutes after birth due to neonatal asphyxiation. It's been one and a half years now and it's still very hard. With the holidays coming up I can't help but let my thoughts drift to Ryan and how it would be if he were here to share holidays with us. I know there are so many people out there who are going through this too. I don't really have anybody to talk to about this. Peoples reactions to me when I bring up anything to do with my loss and they give me the impression that they think I should be over this by now. That life goes on...... Well yes it does but it doesn't make it any easier.........

Thanks for letting me vent.

Ryan Levi Foose
Died soon after birth
Easton, PA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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"Jennifer's Dedication to her son, Cameron on 11/19/98...

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know dear
how much I LOVE YOU
'Til I see you again someday.

Her reply to me when I wrote her my thoughts 11/21/98...

We sang this song while I was growing up and when I got pregnant, since I was afraid to be happy about it to anyone, I sang this to him every night. It is amazing how I sang this and not ever even considered that "please don't take my sunshine away" could actually be my most earnest prayer. I never thought that he would be taken away...

Jennifer's "Holiday Dedication"...
November 25, '98..

My little sunshine,

I am so thankful for you and to God for allowing me to have you for 7 1/2 wonderful months. I love you with all of my self and miss you more than words. So, on this day before Thanksgiving I am sending my love to you, my special baby boy. I wish I could hold you and love you and have you for Christmas, but for you I will be strong and make it through this time... I love you, and you ARE my little bit of sunshine.


For more of Jennifer's thoughts..."Cameron" by Jennifer (11/12/98)

Cameron Michael Smith
February 7, 1998
Louisville, Ky

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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This would have been Noah 1st Thanksgiving...

We just want you to know just how much you are loved and missed. Even though we did not get to spend Thanksgiving together you are in our thought and prayer! We know that one day we will meet again and we will have many days of Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to see you and spending all of eternity with you and your brother and sisters. We love you very much!!! There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. You are our sweet little angel!!!

We Love You!!!
Daddy, Mommy,
Tony, Josh, and Hannah

Noah Hill
Lawrenceville, Ga

"Noah William Hill" by Tami (12/31/99)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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