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Blessings..2011...Seth David McGinnis

Mourning to Joy..

March of Dimes' 2011
#1 Downtown Family Team Award

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Seth David McGinnis was born at 3 am on September 24. His brief life, 9.24-26 touched our family in many different ways. Seth is our fourth child. He was our third loss.

His death would lead me to what would become one of my life's focuses: SHARE Atlanta. I could not have imagined what his presence in our life would eventually mean to me in that Sept in the 80s. For me, with outreach and lots of love and support: Mourning did, gradually, turn to Joy.

What a JOY it is to be able to post a picture of several SA members at the 2011 March of Dimes' Award Ceremony. SHARE Atlanta IS the #1 Downtown Family Team. Because of our members' dedication lead by Team Captain, Cindy Ivey, we have been #1 since 2005!

This award is particularly significant because Seth died of a neural tube birth defect. One of the MODS many focuses is on birth defects. Through the years, they have had numerous Folic Acid Campaigns. From MODS' website: "Our recent Folic Acid Campaign achieved a dramatic reduction in the incidence of neural tube defects, birth defects of the brain and spine."

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I took an increased amount of folic acid, as have other SA members who have had similar experiences. Our stories are consistent: MODS' campaign made a difference.

Every child is special. Seth and all his siblings are all very special to our family. I feel strongly that I am who I am today because of all five of our children. The pain of grief after a baby dies is one of the deepest a parent can experience. Death of our children is out of place and makes no sense. It helps if we can honor our special babies. Then, the love we have for them can make a difference in our world.

For me, it was/is in supporting other families in their desire to heal and to honor and remember their children that has helped me find meaning in the death of our three babies. SHARE Atlanta's Outreach for Healing, Advocacy and Awareness programs have made a great difference for many families. In honoring and rememberings their babies, our members have made a huge impact on the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community. Every child is special.

I "Walk to Remember" every year in memory of our babies. It, also, is my way of thanking the MODS for all they do. As the smiles in this picture suggest, many SA members have shared with me how much comfort and peace they gain as they "do" in memory of their precious babies. This brings me great peace and joy. I know that our family's babies' presence has been significant..for us and others.

Our personal family life is full of memories, blessings, and a continued hope filled outlook for the future. I feel as though God has provided for me with a wonderful husband and family. Seth David, Catherine Marie, and Elizabeth Hope will be "forever in our hearts." Marcia McGinnis 9.25.2011

Leon, Marcia, Joel, and Seth
Aaron joined us 2 years later.

(Side note: Catherine and Elizabeth died through miscarriage. I used progesterone in my later pregnancies. MODS does research on and supports progesterone therapy.)

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Marcia McGinnis did a brief public service announcement for MODS about her three special babies. Babies do die, but with support and advocacy, more will survive. That is an important mission for all in the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community. The spot has been aired many times on WSB radio. An action that would not have taken place not too long ago. Progress is being made. For that, I am grateful for. Together, we make a difference.

MODs' Support for SA....We thank them!

MODS has given SA many opportunities for Awareness and Advocacy for the needs and issues of the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Grief Community. They have faced the fact that babies do die..and answers ARE needed. The MODS is looking for answers for birth defects, progesterone issues, toxemia, and preemie death, etc. Each of these can touch those of us who have experienced a loss from miscarriage to newborn. We thank MODS for their ongoing support.

4.30.11 SA in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution NEWS!! Thank you Laura Johnson and the MODS!!! Advocacy and Awareness at its best...helping each other!

SA on WSB TV with MODS - 3.22.10 This link takes you to 2 SA features. The first one is our 2011 Memorial Service. When it ends, look at the bottom left and click on the link that reads "P2P Share Atlanta". THANK YOU People2People and Jocelyn Dorsey!! It highlights SHARE Atlanta's mission, our babies and their mementos as well as why we walk.

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