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Special Poems written by or shared by
a parent,
a friend, or a relative
for the service

Poems and Letters

"REMEMBER" by Nicole (12/97)

"A Very Special tribute" read by Fiona (5/98)

"A poem for our angel Samantha" by Uncle John(4/98)

"HEAVEN'S CHOICE" by Aunt Naomi (5/98)

"Cherished Babe" by Victoria L. Ward (10/1/98)

"'Precious Aaron' by a family member just for Aaron" 1/18/99

In a baby castle just beyond my eye...shared by Maggie (5/21/99)

Read at SHARE's Memorial Service on Taylor's due date, 10 - 26 - 97, written in her honor.


All of those moments we spent together
the priceless treasure of my life
From the time you knew I existed
you softened
became tender
Developed a fierce instinct
to protect me
to keep me from harm's way
Built your entire existence around
the expected date of my arrival
"Let's put the rocking chair by the crib -
no, by the window."
You cried when you felt my heartbeat
and gasped when I first fluttered
You announced my becoming
with pride in your voice.

And I don't remember
the blinding lights
the cold table
the breathtaking pain you were in
or the look of utter panic on your face
when you looked at me
realizing that you were helpless
to protect me
to keep me from harm's way.

No, I remember floating
to warmth
receiving the adoration
of those who built their entire existence
around the date they knew I would arrive.
"Oh, look at that head of perfect curls
and those big green eyes!
How beautiful..."

I see you mourning
I catch your tears
but I beg you, my provider, my caretaker
to remember me...
Remember me, and love us both enough
to let my spirit soar
free and high above you.
Find me in that star
Hear me giggle as you crunch through the leaves
Picture my delight at my first birthday party
Feel me pulsing through your body
with every beat of your heart...
Remember me, Mommy
but let me go.

Nicole S.
Kristin Taylor Dooley - Miscarriage
Smyrna, GA

For Nicole's story..."Kristan Taylor" by Nicole (1/98)

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"A Very Special Tribute"

Marcia and all you lovely mothers out there whose stories and special memories of your children I have just read. Thank you so very very much for "being there" for me right now so soon after the loss of my much wanted daughter, Rose. She died at 18 weeks pregnancy from Trisomy 18. Actual date was 2 February 1998.

Although I have a darling 3 year old son, Dallin yesterday - being Mothers Day was the most painful Mother's Day I have ever experienced. But you are so right in what you say about our lost babies giving us "gifts". I found JoAnn Walter from your group on the internet Mothers Day morning, emailed her from NZ and couldn't believe that finally someone from the internet had responded to me the same day. And on Mothers Day - JoAnn's first one after the loss of her precious Ian. How incredible!

I feel my baby daughter, Rose has now just given me a gift of a special friendship!

I am sure many of you can appreciate the pain I'm going through so soon after my loss. Sadly, we do not seem to have any support groups here so if any of you would like to share your story with me directly, I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you. Who knows, if one day we start discussing our countries, I may be able to encourage you to visit our lovely country!

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you all a special tribute to Rose which I read at her funeral service which my husband and I compiled and led (it was one of the few parental things we could do for our little darling).

The beautiful soul clung to God.
"I don't want to go back!" it said.
"My road to you has been long
and difficult, and now that I am home,
I can't bear to leave you again."

God said gently, "Beautiful soul
you have indeed arrived
but for those like yourself,
who have achieved perfection,
there must always be
a short journey back
to take to those on earth,
a special gift from me."

The beautiful soul cried, I will forget you
and all over again
I will know the darkness
of separation."

"No," said God,
that will not happen.
For I will come with you,
shining in your heart,
reminding you of home.
Fear not, beautiful soul.
It is only for a short time
and the parents I choose for you
will be worthy of the blessing
you bring them."

"Will they be sad when I leave?"
asked the beautiful soul.

"Yes," said God. They will be sad.
But in a very brief span
you will give them more love
and knowledge of love
than they could otherwise find
in their lifetime of searching".

I sincerely hope this tribute gives many of you some inner peace. From a mother in New Zealand - Fiona Hebditch

Please visit Notes from New Zealand/Fiona for more thoughts from Fiona

New Zealand

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A poem for our angel Samantha

Lift me a little higher lord
for I'm much too small to see
all the wisdom and the wonder
of this world you made for me.

I've only fleeting glimpses
and I want to see it all,
bend down a little closer lord
so that I can grab ahold.

Lift me a little higher lord
so that I can appreciate
the blessings you have bestowed
on me.

For though I stand on my tiptoes
I can barely see.
I want to touch a star or two.

Lift me just a little higher lord
I do not weigh too much you see
if you put me on your shoulders lord
for then I can see it all !!!!!

Samantha's Uncle John wrote this for her and then he went on to say,

"Samantha, mommy and daddy love you with all our hearts and always will !!!!!!!"


Notes/West/Dave and Jackie for some of Jackie's thoughts...

Dave and Jackie
Samantha J Gallerani
Fairfield, CA

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Goodbye our little Courtney,
Though we'll never know your smile
God did let us see and hold you
For just a little while

You were perfect from the outset,
Set to walk untrodden sands
A world of wonder to explore,
But God had other plans

Though we'll never know your laughter,
Though we'll never dry your tears
You'll be in our hearts as comfort,
Through our continued years

Your tiny fingers wound their way
Around your family's hearts
Your fragile face besotted those
Who held you in their arms

From your perfect face and features
To your delicate hands and toes
Its really hard to fathom why
You're the one that Heaven chose

And we all gain little comfort
From God's choice to take you, Dear,
That choice has shattered everyone
As we'd rather you were here

In fondness shall we hold you,
In sadness we will pray
That God had special reasons
For taking you away

A sadness has enveloped all,
And tears will flow forever
But Courtney we all love you so
We will not forget you, ever.

Courtney, our firstborn, died from severe metabolic acidosis 20 hours after birth. Naomi Crocker, the aunt after whom Courtney was named, wrote this poem in her memory.

She's (Naomi) my twin - she still doesn't know how to help me or John, but her poem has helped us a lot. We also used it as part of Courtney's funeral service. I know that Naomi will be pleased if she can reach out and support others as well.

For Courtney's story visit ~ "Our Guardian Angel" by Roanne (5/31/98) and for more of Roanne's thoughts visit Notes from Around the World - Roanne/Gosford, NSW/5/98
Courtney Naomi McNamara
Died soon after birth
Gosford, NSW

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Colton was born with a congenital heart defect. He had only one ventricle, his left ventricle. He also had pulmonary artresia. He had open heart surgery five days after his birth. He made it four more days. He passed away Sunday evening on August 9th. They think that his shunt clotted. We did not have an autopsy done, so we will never really know why our son was taken from us. My sister wrote a very nice poem for us to read at his services. I would like to share it.

Cherished Babe

So lucky, was I...
To have stroked this babe,
Not a day will come,
Without him in thought,
His stay was short,
None the less sweet,
Engraved in our lives forever.

The joy he brought,
Is truly grand,
I thank God,
For great and unmeasurable,
Is the gift He gave.

Although this babe must go,
He is protected,
He is eternally loved,
He is never forgotten.

We shed our tears,
In love for him,
Blessed our we to have known...

Victoria L. Ward

We will love you always Colton.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Mackenzie

For Chrissy's story visit:"Precious Angel" by Chrissy (10/8/98)

Colton Michael Norris
Kansas City, MO

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Precious Aaron

Although you budded like a beautiful flower, your life wasn't meant to be
spent here on earth with Mom and Dad, but God through eternity.
Your family and friends will miss you and though we'll grieve for awhile
When the sorrow in our hearts lessens we'll remember you and we'll smile.

Your journey was so very limited and yet you were meant to be,
And no one can take your place in our hearts or the precious memories

Rest on now dear child with Jesus,
For you deserve the best.
And in what greater place than in Heaven
As Jesus' special guest.

When our lives here on earth are ended
We'll meet once again on that day
When God calls all of his children home
Forever more with him to stay.


(This was written by a family member just for our son)

Aaron Paul Bottoms
Rocky Mount, NC

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In a baby castle just beyond my eye
My baby plays with angel toys
that money cannot buy.

Who am I to wish her back
into a world of strife?

No, Play on my baby
You have eternal life.

At night when all is quiet
and sleep forsakes my eyes
I'll hear her tiny footsteps
come running to my side.

Her Little hands caress me
so tenderly and sweet
I'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes
and embrace her in my sleep.

Now I have a treasure
that rates above all others
I have known true glory
I am still her Mother.

~unknown author.

This poem was given to us; when we lost Lily we instantly fell in love with it and used it at her service.

Maggie and Len
Lily Temina Desiree Hilton
Wellington, wn, New Zealand

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