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Marcia's Thoughts on
How Men and Women Respond Differently in Grief


  • Pregnancy felt in intellectual sense

  • Tends not to verbalize

  • Looks inward

  • Uses work, physical activities, hobbies as release

  • Takes role of protector, “caretaker” of family

  • Problem solver/loss of control

  • Sad, powerless, confused

  • Feels guilt and anger

  • Tears slow to come-if at all

  • Puts time limit on grief


  • Pregnancy felt in physical sense

  • Wants to talk about baby and grief

  • Seeks support from group or friends

  • May avoid return to work or previous lifestyle

  • Feels loss of control (rational) /emotions take over

  • Sad, helpless and confused

  • Feels guilt and anger

  • Cries easily and often

  • Feels like a failure

  • More emotional for longer periods covering a longer timeframe

    Written 1998 by Marcia McGinnis

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