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"Christian's Nikes" by Utchika, Christian's Grammy (12/12/98)

Angelic Presence: Short Stories of solace and hope after the loss of a baby.
by Cathi Lammert and Sue Friedeck - more stories similar to the one that was shared here.

Christian's Nikes

Christian was born at 2:30 in the morning. He was an unplanned pregnancy between unwed parents. I can never say I regret his coming but it has left me sadder and wiser.

I have had a unique experience since his death. I am a spiritual person who deeply believes in God and His love. I could not understand why this child was taken from our family where he would have been loved. I was grieving deeply. I had a unique experience after his death which tells me that he lives on. I was told by a person that she had a message from Christian...that he liked the Reeboks better. No one but his mother and I knew that we had looked at Reeboks shortly before he was born and that we thought the precious, but costly, little shoes were more than we could afford. I bought him another pair of baby Nikes at a garage sale. They still sit in my closet...a reminder of a little boy who in some way appears to know his Grammy loves him.

In memory of Christian Malone Palmer...born at rest 10/11/94

Christian Palmer
Tulsa, OK
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Forever in Our Hearts~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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