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Angel's Homecoming/Raising on September 15, 2001 - a day of hope...

Angel's new home in lovely courtyard garden

The angel and garden (accept for the pansies - to be put in a few weeks) are complete and absolutely beautiful!!

Karen and Abbey (4), Christie and Catherine (2), Polly and Joeseph (4), and Diane joined us on this homecoming. The angel was placed in the garden by Joe and the men who have worked these last four weeks on the courtyard. Then we each planted some of the greenery around the angel's feet. The men completed the greenery under the trees and angel. Christie and her video camera got the action while the rest of us took stills.

Angel looks like a child running in the grass...

We agreed that our angel looks like a child running in grass ready to be lifted or to fly with an uplifting swirl around the garden!! The entire courtyard is very peaceful and uplifting. I am sure that each of you will have a different reflection when you first visit. There is a dear scene from every angle as you walk around the angel.

We sat on the ground opposite the garden and were transfixed by it all! We told Joe that we were going to have to put another bench there so we could gaze upon this wonderful garden creation! None of us wanted to return to our own homes!!(-:

The Angel of Hope is waiting for you....

The angel is there now with ever present wonder - anxious to be shared with all those who come.

Here is another sign of HOPE as we continue to struggle through this week...

The Story of SA's Angel Garden & Memorial Bricks

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