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Online avenues for finding information for help or support with a funeral, a memorial service, lasting memories ...

  • MISS..."Saying Goodbye to your Child"

    "If at all possible, both parents should be involved in planning the funeral and memorial services.

    Parents who were overlooked in the planning process often say they felt uncomfortable with the choices others made for their child's services. Well meaning relatives and friends may try to assume the burden to save the parents from the pain.

    While the process will certainly be difficult, it is also a critial step in the healing process.

    Many helpful suggestions around cremation, selecting funeral homes, and general ideas to consider.

  • Bittersweet...hellogoodbye, A Resource in Planning Farewell Rituals When a Baby Dies.

    Sister Jane Marie Lamb has edited a beautiful book Bittersweet...hellogoodbye, A Resource in Planning Farewell Rituals When a Baby Dies. It can be ordered through National SHARE or at A Place to Remember. This book suggests endless ceremonies for funerals, memorials, celebrations, and other "closure" programs...especially for those who have had a pregnancy or neo-natal loss. This book speaks to many religions and traditions.

    We have used parts of her book for our own programs as well as suggestions for our members' private ceremonies. We know that ministers have also taken from this source. Marcia has several copies of this book.

  • A Place to Remember

    This online catalog and order shop offers ideas for memorials and mementos. Their resources include ideas for memorial cards, memorial services and funerals; ways for keeping baby's treasures and journaling; and books that can offer more resources and information. Please visit this resource.

  • Perinatal Loss

    1. Memory Album for Pregnancy or Neo-Natal Loss
    2. Certificate of Life - Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Neo-Natal Death
    3. Urns(not too expensive) - "Beautiful handcrafted  urns to hold your child's ashes"

    "Choose from a variety of wooden or ceramic urns individually handcrafted by Oregon artists. Wooden urns are available in two styles: a burled maple box that shows the tree's attempt to heal and regenerate itself, or a smooth textured box-within-a-box that honors the sacredness of its contents. Ceramic angel urns are available in white, pink, or blue pastel tones..."

  • Centering Corporation

    Infant loss - includes, burial gowns, miscarriage, newborn death, SIDS, Spanish Resources, infertility.

  • Paul Alexander's Bereavement Resources

    1. Tapes and ideas for music for remembering
    2. Contemporary style, combined with his passionate lyrics and compelling vocal delivery,touch the heart and soul of the listener and provide healing for the griever and those who serve them.

  • Compassionate Friends Online Booklets Suggestions for Funeral Directors and Clergy When a Child Dies 2/11/99

    While this IS directed toward the funeral director and clergy, I thought it offered some thoughts that may help the bereaved parent deal with some of the decisions around a service...You may even want to print this out to give to your funeral director.

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