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SHARE Atlanta's Spring Newsletter -
Coverage of the event, my thoughts, my "thank you speech"

SHARE Atlanta’sCo-Founder Marcia McGinnis

Receives 11 Alive Community Service Award,

Jefferson Award for Public Service

April 11 at 9 PM – Live from The Hyatt Regency, Atlanta

Community Service Award - From the SHARE Atlanta Newsletter Spring 2001

SHARE Atlanta’s own Marcia McGinnis, Co-Founder and President, has been honored by Channel 11 by being selected for their annual Community Service Awards.


Eleven outstanding volunteers were chosen from over a hundred submissions for being instrumental in starting an organization that meets a unique need, and for their length of service.

Marcia definitely qualifies, having co-founded SHARE Atlanta over seventeen years ago. Few other groups made up entirely of volunteers with a goal of supporting bereaved families after a perinatal loss have survived or thrived for so long.

Jefferson Award for Public Service

The winners of this award were also nominated for the Jefferson Award for Public Service given by the American Institute for Public Service in Washington, D.C. This award includes a $1,000 charitable gift, which Marcia has designated for SHARE Atlanta.

Evening of Meaning by 11Alive

The black-tie award dinner will be held at The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, and aired live on Channel 11 at 9:00 p.m. on April 11, 2001. The $250-a-plate dinner is a fundraiser for Atlanta Women’s Foundation and Girls, Inc. Both organizations help empower women.

Please join us in congratulating Marcia on this well deserved recognition of her years of hard work and dedication to SHARE Atlanta.

Marcia's thoughts about the upcoming event

Purposed events of the evening

"During the award ceremony, there will be a video presentation that Wes Sarginson has taped of our memorial services and a group meeting. The tape will highlight SHARE Atlanta's all volunteer support group and Marcia's outreach to the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community.

SHARE Atlanta and Marcia feel honored to be a part of 11 Alive's program embracing volunteer efforts for a healthier society. This brings focus to those issues and needs that our society has around Pregnancy and Newborn Loss.

Hopefully, this recognition will encourage more bereaved parents to seek support as they heal.

Thank you from Marcia

"I wish to thank those in the SHARE Atlanta group that made it possible for this honor and recognition to happen. We have come a long way to be where we are today. Many parents have volunteered in the combined effort to keep outreach, on a very personal level, available for the PLC of Atlanta.

I feel a continuing honor to be part of this organization. I feel as though I am blessed with many very special friends and a loving, supportive family."

"Together we provide comfort, compassion, and hope for the future. We know that "the love stays forever in our hearts...

Highlights of the Evening - April 11, 2001

Thank you for the transforming evening

I wanted to share, with you all, the special evening that I was a part of this past Wed.. (Thanks to Karen Gipson and many of you...) Karen and Jennifer were there, also! It was indeed a "SHARE moment." I had no idea the immensity of emotions I would feel around it!

The 11 Alive Community Service Award/Volunteer of the Year program was transforming. The support in the ballroom was much more than I would have ever thought. The station people have done this for 26 years and have it down beautifully. I felt honored and humbled to be part of such a wonderful program and touched by ten volunteers who are doing so much for our community.

Who attended

Jane Fonda, spoke and presented the "top" CSA award to Truett Cathi - Chick Fillet, and the President of Krogers was also a presenter. 11Alive's board includes: Billy Payne-the Olmypics, Ex-Mayor Young, President of Coke, President of The Southern Co., President of Bank of America, President of Delta, and other special people of our great city. The board made the decisions as to who received the honor.

There were around 300 people there. Leon (my WONDERFUL husband) was there as a guest, as were four of our SHARE members.

The Video Presentation

Our footage was about 2+ minutes from the sample meeting and the candlelighting at our garden/bench from 4 years ago. Wes Sargison, one of the 11 Alive anchors (and my escort for the evening) had presented our group as "Volunteer group of the week" in '97 and combined all of what he had to make an incredible presentation. Harry S., 11Alives' wonderful cameraman also helped to make the video presentation. It really spoke to our cause.

My "official Thank You"

Then I had 30 seconds for a "thank you" speech. I received a beautiful award with CSA and my name on it from Tiffanys. I also received $1000 from the Jefferson Award for Public Service (in Washington, DC) for my favorite charity. Let's see..who could that be...(-:

The "Speech"

I am honored to be a part of 11Alive's program embracing volunteer efforts for a healthier society. Healing and support are SHARE Atlanta's mission. Our parents learn that sharing is healing, and healing begins when we give ourselves permission to grieve.

My life has been blessed by all of my family, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Seth; my living sons, Joel and Aaron, and my husband, Leon.

I thank my SHARE friends. Together we provide comfort, compassion and hope for the future - knowing that the Love Stays-Forever in our Hearts. I thank God for bringing me to this place in my life. Marcia McGinnis, April 11, 2001

The only way it could have been any better was for ALL of you to be with us!!!

A magical evening of wonderful memories

It was 2 in the morning before I could wind down!! The boys listened to all my chatter. As I was lying on the sofa, Joel said (at about 2), "Mom, are you going to sleep in your dress?") I had to laugh. I have asked them many times, when they were little, if they are going to ever take such and such off to go to bed. I said, "I feel like Cinderella. I don't want to have these feelings go away."

You know what? I don't think these feelings will ever "go away." That evening - all the love, support and happy faces - (especially those at "our" table), I will always cherish and remember.

Thank you all for the blessings.

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