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CNN's...Parenting Today with Pat Etheridge
taped our group for a special on
"Grieving after the loss of a child..."

Channel 11's News, with Wes Sarginson,
taped the SHARE Atlanta bench and garden dedication area

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  • 1995-04 SHARE Atlanta has ongoing notices in numerous newspapers to make the community aware of upcoming meetings and events. These are placed in the calendar section of the community newspapers as well as in other "Community Updates." We find that newspaper coverage is important for awareness of our group.
  • "Sandy Springs Community Newspaper" Picture of Karen Gibson, Christie McGraw, Joe Keen, Marcia and Aaron Mcginnis with the angel at Sandy Springs Cemetery. Fall 2001
  • The Dunwoody Crier:"Angel figure to soothe grieving parents" by Kelly Como - Picture and beautiful coverage of our angel dedication and area at Sandy Springs Cemetery. Polly Keen, she and her husband designed and their landscape company built the angel, was interviewed. November 28, 2001.
  • Gwinnet Daily Post - "Heavenly Hope: Angel statue dedication cmmemorates pregnancy, newborn loss" with Buff and John Bishop and Karen Gipson being interviewed by Laura Marshall. There was a picture of John and Buff at home and a picture of the angel. They discussed how the angel provided a place of comfort and peace and how the group provided a place for healing. They also mentioned how our subsequent pregnancy group was an important avenue to continue healing. October 17, 2001
  • Gwinnett Daily Post:"A time to share; Local support group helps grieving mothers survive newborn death." by Laura Marshall. Article with picture of Karen Gipson and her two children, Andres and Abby. January 26, 2000
  • The Dunwoody Crier:"Pathway of Healing" dedicated...A Focal Point for Grief" by Mary Welch, October 1998 - with picture and long article

    Dunwoody's Marcia McGinnis spoke to more than 100 people gathered at Arlington Memorial Park for the third annual memorial service of SHARE Atlanta. "The Pathway of Healing" at the cemetery offers parents who have lost babies a place in which to record their sentiments. The parents at Sunday's memorial service all received a rose to commemoriate infants lost at birth or through miscarriage.

  • The Atlanta Journal/Constitution: Did an article about miscarriage that focused on the unfortunate recent miscarraige of Vicki Locke, DJ for Star 94. At the end of the article, the AJC listed the SHARE Atlanta hotline number and website address - we received 500 hits within days afater the article was featured. September 28, 1998.
  • The Dekalb Neighbor: Article about SHARE Atlanta focusing on our Subsequent Pregnancy group and leader - Taylor Deane and her family, Roger, Rachael, and Robert. (A picture of this family was included!) Fall '97
  • Susan and Lee P.: "Very Special Gifts" Special gifts at Christmas - "Mom's got an angel in heaven and an angel on Earth, too". The Atlanta Journal/The Constitution Dec. 25, 1995
  • The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution: "Infant deaths a special loss for parents" with Sabrina Gibbs and Marcia McGinnis by Patti Puckett 4/19/94
  • The Gwinnett County News: "Working through the grief" with Candy Frazier by Kathy Flanigan-Cave 2/28/88
  • The Dekalb News/Sun: "Group Shares Grief Of Baby Loss" with Marcia McGinnis by Kirk Martin 4/6/88

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  • 11 Alive News with Wes Sarginson A brief footage of our Angel Dedication program and an interview with Sakina Hanson, one of our mothers. October 21, 2001.
  • 11 Alive Community Service Award:Marcia McGinnis was awarded this community award along with 11 other recipients. Wes Sarginson was the host and the program was very well received by the community. It is in the 26th year and very nicely done. There was a two minute footage of the group "in action" with several interviews. We thank 11Alive for all they have done for us and for volunteers and community service in general. April 11, 2001
  • Media One Cable Network - "Spotlight with Reg Griffin": Karen Major and Karen Gipson were inerviewed by Reg with the focus being on helping families get through the holidays. They discussed why the holidays are particularly difficult and ways to cope throughout the holiday season. They showed examples of ornaments they had collectd for their babies and the stockings they hung at Christmas. Reg also talked about and showed a picture of the Pathway at Arlington Park Cemetery. Reg was an excellent interviewer those allowing them to cover a trememdous amount of material in a short period of time. November 12-16, 1998.
  • Gwinnett News and Entertainment: Jenny Khoen had Karen and Randy Gipson discuss the difficulty of experiencing a loss, the difference in men and women's grief, and the upcoming SHARE Atlanta memorial service. Buff Bishop then joined Karen and shared about the loss of her baby. Buff also discussed how her loss might have been different because she has a healthy little boy. October 12-15, 1998.
  • Cable News Network: Parenting Today with Pat Etheridge "This program focused on the significance of our lost children, memories, mementos and the importance of grieving on the path to healing. SHARE Atlanta's support group and its members were given much opportunity to share thoughts about grief, memories and mementos as well as subseguent pregnancy issues and 'subsequent' children! We truly thank Pat for letting us "share"! March 1997 Marcia
  • Channel 11's News, with Wes Sarginson, taped the SHARE bench and garden dedication area (not the actual service) at Arlington on Sept. 26. The SHARE Atlanta volunteers included: Janet Algood, Karen Gibson, Sharon Cryor, Charlie and Karen Major, Marcia McGinnis, Jennifer Greer, Phillis Almgren. Harry Samler, the cameraman, along with Mr. Sarginson spent two hours making a tape of what this event means to us. They interviewed most of the parents that attended the taping. SHARE Atlanta thanks these two men for their time and support. Oct. 3, 1997
  • People to People (Channel 2)- Jocelyn Dorsey on Oct. 5, 1997 with SHARE Atlanta's Karen Gibson and Jennifer Greer.

  • CNN's "Parenting Today" with Pat Etheridge reran the program on SHARE Atlanta on Oct. 4, 1997 (see above)
  • Good Day Atlanta (WAGA TV 5 FOX) on October 24, 1997 with SHARE Atlanta's Lynne O'Brien
  • Channel 2: Health Special "Infertility, Miscarriage and Support Groups"(SHARE) by Diana Davis "Numerous SHARE parents were involved in this special with the focus on the Joe Whitt Family" 1994
  • TBS: Between the Lines "Marcia McGinnis was the 'TBS Super Citizen of the Week' for her work with SHARE. The importance of support groups, mementos and our candlelighting service was highlighted in this very special program by Lori Daniel." `92 Included in the filming were: Marcia McGinnis, George and LeeAnn Gibson, Donald and Christmas Stith, Julie Branch, Jennifer Heinrich, Candy Frazier, Lynn Anderson, Luch Monahan and Peggy Moore.
  • Cable News Network (CNN): Health Week "Three of our couples, Faulkenberry, Schulman, Spaeth, were on a panel on a special about grief for Resolve Through Sharing. They discussed the importance of mementos, caring and having others say and do 'the right thing' after a loss." 1/87

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    Magazines, Plays and Videos by our Members

  • "What to say and do when someone loses a baby" by Linda Anderson in 1986 and it published in Growing Parent in February 1987.

  • "When birth ends in death: Bereaved parents need help of friends, family to cope with pain." by Linda Anderson (who also was a group leader)in 1987. Published in Parenting and Growing Parents.

  • "A Stillborn's Gift" by Susie Blackmun in 1988. Published in American Baby.

  • Several poems by Diane Jordan and her family were published in Bittersweet..hellogoodbye by Sister Jane Marie in 1988.

  • "Cameo" was written by our own Linda Anderson. The play was performed for the Peri-natal Bereavement Conference here in Atlanta by Atlanta actors. It was then made into a video that was shown at conferences and groups.

  • "On Angel's Wings" by SHARE Atlanta and Friends A video of our Angel Garden dedication ceremony in 2001. It includes St. Luke's Presbyterian handbell choir, Wes Sarginson, 11Alive's anchor, master of ceremonies, the Atlanta Children's Choir, the song Precious Child, several poems and Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box as the main speaker. Tom Hannaford did the video work.

  • Carol Lanhanm author of, Pregnancy After a Loss did inservice for SHARE Atlanta. Meredith Tyree arranged a room at Dunwoody Methodist Church. Jennifer Greer worked to bring Carol here.

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    Radio Coverage

  • WSB 98.5 FM/ WSB (750 AM) Suzi Marsh: Choosing Life Show: SHARE Atlanta’s Jennifer Greer, Karen Gipson, and Sakina Hanson joined Suzi, at her request, to do an interview about SHARE Atlanta and Pregnancy Loss. February 2, 2003

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  • "Community Lifescape" WYZE 1480 AM (1480)- this was a 15 minute interview. Interviewed SHARE Atlanta's Mignon Woods and Karen Gipson. 9/21/97

  • "Choosing Life with Susie Marsh" WSB 98.5 FM with SHARE Atlanta's Lynne O'Brien. 10/19/97

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