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"Taking On Wings"

SHARE Atlanta's "Angel" Dedication ~ The Language of Flowers

We are asking all who attend our Angel Dedication to bring a flower, if you choose to, in memory of each baby to leave at the angel’s feet or in her outstretched arms. Pick your favorite flower, one that reminds you of your baby, or take a suggestion from the lists below You might choose to bring the flower that symbolizes the month of your baby’s birthday or due date:


January - Carnation
February – Violet
March – Jonquil
April – Sweet Pea
May – Lily of the Valley
June – Rose
July – Larkspur
August – Gladiolus
September – Aster
October – Calendula
November – Chrysanthemum
December – Narcissus

Or you might choose a flower that symbolizes some of your feelings about your child.

Red Rose – True Love
White Rose – Joy, Wisdom
Red and White Roses Together – Unity
Globe Amaranth – Unfading Love
Blue Violet – Faithfulness
Ivy – Fidelity
Ox-eye Daisy – Patience
White Chrysanthemum – Truth
Zinnia – Thoughts of Absent Friends
Lavender – Love and Devotion
Rosemary – Remembrances
Marjoram – Joy and Happiness
Thyme – Courage and Strength
Sweet Basil – Good Wishes
Bluebell – Constancy
Camellia – Perfected Loveliness
Daisy – Innocence
Forget-me-not – True Love
Honeysuckle –
Sweetness of Disposition
Jasmine – Grace and Elegance
Lilac – First Emotions of Love
Lily of the Valley – Return of Happiness
Tulip – Declaration of Love
Wallflower – Fidelity in Adversity
Heliotrope – Devotion, Faithfulness
Larkspur – Levity
Mugwort – Tranquility, Happiness
Myrtle – Everlasting Love, Fidelity
Peppermint – Warmth, Cordiality
Stonecrop – Tranquility
Red Salvia – Forever Thine
Agrimony – Thankfulness

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