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To be aired February 2, at 6:45 am

Suzi Marsh: Choosing Life Show

Suzi Marsh
LCSW Clinical Supervisor
Some background:

Suzi began her career in 1983 as an inpatient drug counselor for adolescents. In 1992 she earned her Master's Degree in social work from Ohio State University where she had worked in the field of codependency.

For almost ten years, Suzi has been in private practice in the Atlanta area, helping groups, families, teens and adults face their issues and create positive change.

Suzi hosts her own mental health radio show on WSB 98.5 FM and is working with Gables Academy, {a school for children with special learning challenges. ed. } She hopes to help students to develop a community TV show for families. (Excerpt taken from Gables Academy’s website.)

SHARE Atlanta invited to be interviewed by Suzi Marsh

SHARE Atlanta’s Jennifer Greer, Karen Gipson, and Sakina Hanson joined Suzi, at her request, to do an interview about SHARE Atlanta and Pregnancy Loss. Karen Gipson had set up an interview with Suzi and SHARE Atlanta’s Lynn O’Brien several years ago. Suzi was impressed with Lynn and SHARE Atlanta and wanted to interview us again.

Suzi told Jennifer that she has clients that have had losses, and she tells them about SHARE Atlanta. She especially wanted to have someone who had miscarriages who would address the need to make these baby’s presence a valid and special part of our lives.

SHARE Atlanta thanks Suzi Marsh for another opportunity to connect with the community on our issues.

Jennifer’s comments about the interview session on Monday, January 27, 2003.

“ I think the taping went very well. It was heavily emphasized how important SHARE and the meetings were to all of us, and Suzi reiterated over and over again how we had educated her on this topic. We covered all the high points - from telling our stories, what NOT to say to someone, what the groups did for us, the significance of anniversaries, naming your baby, and about the bricks.

It was really interesting. I left her all the material and she seemed really grateful. She was excited that she got her own angel pin.”

Listen to the program!

Join us on that morning. We hope to have a transcript of what is shared. It is wonderful to have this outreach in our community. ...Marcia McGinnis

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