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SHARE Atlanta Memorial Service 2002 ~ attended by about 40 people

"Pieces and Peace”

The First Anniversary"

by Jana LaFlair
In memory of Kylie Renee LaFlair

One Year Ago......

One year ago, my eyes were filled with tears
Today I can see a brighter future

One year ago, my ears listened for your cries
Today, I can enjoy hearing children laugh

One year ago, my arms ached to hold you
Today, I can embrace my famly, friends, life

One year ago, my heart was crushed by grief
Today, it beats with pride that I have come so far

One year ago, my soul was utterly lost
Today, my life force and faith are strong

One year ago, I could have died because I missed you so much
Today, I have learned to live with missing you.

One year ago, today and tomorrow
One thing will remain the same,

Mommie will always love you.

Lighting of Memorial Candle

Pam and Kyle Renner
In memory of Allison Angela "Allie" Renner and The Renner Babies

In loving memory of all the precious children whose
short lives touched the hearts of their parents and friends.


by Marcia McGinnis
In memory of Catherine Marie, Elizabeth Hope, and Seth David McGinnis

Anniversary Brick Installation

Jennifer Greer, Polly and Joe Keen
In memory of Jesse David, Jamie Caroline, Jacob Evan Greer
In memory of Elijah Thomas, Autumn Bray, Frances Grace, Sarah Elizabeth, Samuel Brown and Jeremiah Davis Keen

Oct. 21, 2001-2002
New found Hope,
Peace and Support

"The Touch of An Angel"

by Valerie Scholovich
In memory of Megan Elizabeth and Kathryn Ann Scholovich

"May all who stand before you bask in the warmth of your knowing face
As they share a special moment of peace and love
With precious little ones that time has not left behind
And forget for the while sad spirits and heavy hearts
But instead feel the rustle of your wings and hear the whispers of the babies
So soft ... so near ... like feathers falling from the sky
Letting your warmth surround them in a wave of newfound hope
As gentle as the breeze ... as sure as the sunrise."

Roses of Honor

Pete Scholovich

What the Angel Garden Means to Me...


by Pam Renner

To me the angel means being able to think back on how different my life may have been had I not gone through losing my babies. To realize how I have persevered and come out of my grief a stronger and hopefully better person.

Pieces and Peace

by Melina Smith
In memory of Amelia Claire Smith

Being a part of the process of bringing the Angel of Hope to Arlington and to the city of Atlanta was a big part of my healing process. To be an integral part of a meaningful endeavor brought some purpose to a very bleak year. It helped me to fit the pieces of my life back in place.

When a baby is lost your life falls to pieces.
When a baby is lost your mind goes to pieces.
When a baby is lost your family breaks to pieces.
When a baby is lost your heart is torn to pieces.

Merely knowing that the Angel is there brings peace to my life. When I visit and gaze at the angels face, it brings peace to my mind. When I see the beautiful trees and flowers that grace the landscape, it brings peace to my heart. When I lay a memento on my daughter’s brick it brings peace to my family.

The Angel of Hope Memorial is a place to go when you have fallen apart and cannot pick up the pieces. It is a place for mothers, fathers, and families to go to find peace.

Every child is special...

Angel Baby Quilt

by Robin Cash
In memory of of Hope Cash and the babies of Cascade United Methodist Church


Read by Amy and Bennet McFaun
In memory of Payton Elizabeth McGaun

Rose petals for sweetness and peace, in memory of our babies ~ as you come forward to receive an angel memento, you may lay rose petals either on your baby's memorial brick or in our garden.

My Little One, My Dear One, My Love"

read by Katie Schreck
In memory of Madison Elizabeth Schreck

My little one, my dear one, my love,
You will beat with my heart,
See through my eyes,
Hear with my ears,
Feel on my skin,
Because your soul is mingled with my soul,

"Unbound 1980"
Miracles: Prayers and Poems by Mary Joe Hannaford

Read by Sakina Hanson
In memory of Jade Alexa Hanson

Balloon Release

Clarence and Sakina Hanson
Katie Schreck
Jennafer Haley in memory of Christian Allen Lehman
Nicole Swann in memory of Kirstin Taylor, Julian Brille, Madigan Amalia Reily, and Baby Roark

Before and after the service: Share Atlanta volunteers are here for anyone who wishes support or to share.

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